My Random Obsession

For as long as I can remember, I have had an affection for notebooks. Well, notebooks and sketch books. I have no clue why, but every time I see a notebook in the store, Im tempted to buy it. Some of them have notes scribbled in a few pages, some are blank. These composition notebooks are particularly my favorite.
In art school, I had a stack of sketch books. Big ones, small ones, and my very favorite...moleskins. I dream of filling them with awesome sketches...but, I dont have time to sit and draw anymore. Sadly it holds to-do lists.

I decided that my recent composition notebook needed a little jazzing up.

I sewed a fabric cover for it, and made a cute book mark out of rick rack.

Speaking of books... I need a baby book. A nice album to momentos and photos in. To write down milestones, you know all that mushy stuff that only mom's appreciate.

Im thinking of something like a scrap book of sorts. Something like this.

It is a Kolo Album and it comes in gorgeous shades of linen. I really like this ocean blue and the chocolate brown. Its filled with thick pages and can be added to.
It has the scrap/ sketchbook vibe going on. Does anyone know of any similar types of albums? I want to look at everything before I buy one! Suggestions please!


  1. Check Barnes and Noble, they have some really nice scrap books. I have one very similar to the one pictured, but with no bow, and it is really nice quality!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have an obsession with cute notebooks too! Mine also includes planners and organizers. For some reason when I see them in a store I have a very strong urge to buy them! I have to force myself to not go near them in a store.

    But that is such a cute idea to make a cover for the composition book! Love it! Super cute.

  3. I love the Kolo Albums! I think we'll be using one for our baby. and we used one for our wedding. They're great!

  4. That is funny-

    I do the same..

    I have empty-but beatuiful notebooks all around..
    I am a confessed-list-maker!

    NOT AN ARTIST!! My stick figures even looked starved!

  5. Mrs. S. Thank you so much for your Barnes & Noble suggestion. Not only did they have the album I showed, but they had it in brown, which was sold out at other places! It was also $10 cheaper and I got to purchase it through my ebates account and save 4%! SCORE! Thanks so much!!!

  6. I was thinking about covering notebooks in fabric too to use as portfolios to show clients the samples I mock up for them...will you post how you did it??? love it!

  7. Anything for a fellow lover of all things notebook/sketchbook/planner/basicallyanythingboundandbeggingtobewrittenin! ;)

  8. Great finds! They also have wonderful ones at Paper Source!

  9. I got a Kolo album through EdnaMae on Etsy. Kind of pricey but worth every penny. I ordered it right when he got here so I could add the birthdate to the name insert.
    I went with the chocolate brown :)

  10. ETA: I started with the scrapbook route. It didn't go well and I'm fairly crafty. I MUCH prefer my spendy baby book :) The scrapbook just got to be too much and I didn't have enough time to make my categories and pages AND fill them in.

  11. Quite Contrary I will try to do a tutorial soon. It was SUPER easy!

  12. Your obsession with notebooks started when you were 2 years old! You always had one in your hand with a pen, making list and writing "important" things! It is funny how the things that attract you as a child follow you all your life!

  13. Omg! Ditto on pp ^ ednamae on etsy!!! Her baby books are fab! I have a post on my blog about the book I ordered. What's even more awesome, it's completely customizable so you can always update it as necessary.

    Check them out, seriously my lasting obsession! I'll be posting pics of my work in progress on my blog soon.


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