12 days to go! 37 Weeks!

Only a little while longer and I will be finished with these posts!! Bare with me!!!

37 Weeks!
(It was actually nice out yesterday!)

Here I am in all my knocked up glory!
*How far along?: 37 weeks!

*Total weight gain?: 21 lbs

*How big is baby?: 6-7 pounds maybe?

*Sex: BOY!

*Maternity clothes: yep! Unless its sweat pants, then the old ones work just fine!

*Stretch marks: Nope!

*Sleep: whats that?

*Best moment this week: Talking about induction with my Dr. More about that later...

*Movement: I think he is trying to bust out of my belly Reneesme style like in Breaking Dawn

*Food cravings: Cherry Coke

*Labor signs: soft and dilated (Thought about entering a "thats what she said" joke here, just not so sure about it!)

*Belly button in or out: out and still using the bandaid to disguise it!

*What I miss: moving without piercing cramps, my old jeans, being comfortable, working out (its just not in the cards these days)

*What I'm looking forward to: My possible induction!

So for those that are going to ask questions about getting induced, here is the lowdown.

I had an appt on Monday and my Dr was once again pleasantly surprised at my early progression for this being my first pregnancy. We talked about when Keating could possibly make his appearance, and he said he didnt think I would be making it until my due date of Feb 22. He guessed I would at least make it until next week if I took it easy.

I hopped off of the table, ditched the nasty paper gown and was on my way out of the door when he called me into his office. He said "You know, Ive been thinking and how do you feel about inducing on the 17th?"
I picked my jaw up off of the floor and asked him why he would want to induce.
He said that since I had already progressed a good bit, that induction would be a nice way to schedule the birth IF I hadnt had him on my own by then.

We decided that I would come in again on the 8th to check the progress and make the decision of whether to wait it out or whether to put it on the calendar.

Either way.... I will have a baby by Feb 17th! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So much to do, so little time!


  1. You said you would have a baby by Dec 17th, I think you mean Feb. ;) Its funny that you crave cherry coke, I do too and Im not prego!

  2. Yay! So exciting! Baby Keating will be here so soon (but hopefully after the 8th!). Good luck!!

  3. I have no idea why I put Dec 17th! That has been fixed! Thanks!!

  4. yayyyyy!! i hope he does NOT come out renesme style.

  5. Good luck with the induction. I was in labor 2 days with my induction. Pitocin contractions hurt SOOO much more then your own . Everyone is different though. Good luck again!!!Cant wait to see the baby.

  6. that is AWESOME!! cant wait to get the great news!

  7. oh my goodness yay :-) It's so soon!!

  8. Ahhhhhhh I can't wait to meet the love of my life! I hope he loves his Auntie because he's going to be seeing a lot of her!!

  9. INDUCTION is the way to go!! I've had two so far!

  10. That's awesome! So soon...I know you must be so excited & ready to meet the little guy!

  11. Try not to get induced...I was in labor for thirty hours...plus I think it is nice to let nature take its' course!

  12. EEkk!!
    The excitement!!

    I left you something over at my blog Mom :)

  13. Holy crap that is so soon! I hope he comes before you have to get induced though (but after the 8th of course haha)... I've heard contractions are 20 times worse than letting nature take its course!


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