These are a few of my FAVORITE things...

I realized that I havent done a "favorite things" post in a while. So here is an updated version.

Sharpie Clicky Pen- I have used regular fine point Sharpies forever, then they came out with the pen. Well the pen was nice because it didnt bleed through paper, but its AWESOME being clickable!

The Flash Scoop - A friend pointed me in the direction of this genius invention. Basically you attach it to your camera and it bounces your camera's built in flash off of a wall or ceiling so that your subject isnt blown out. It makes for great photos in the right circumstances. You cant use it in rooms with really high ceilings, outside, and it doesnt work well with my favorite zoom lense. You also have to shoot on manual to use it. BUT, it produces great results! Im still trying to get used to it.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil- This stuff is awesome, and I would even recommend it for those who arent pregnant. I put it on after I get out of the shower. It actually soaks in and doesnt stay all slimy on your skin. So far... no stretch marks!Redken Satinwear- This styling lotion gives my hair just enough hold to do what I want it to, while leaving it really soft, not sticky or hard. (Insert "thats what she said" joke for any Office fans)

The mom agenda/ my agenda- In a day and age with google calendar, and even as addicted as I am to my blackberry, I cant NOT have a real planner. If I dont actually take the time to write something down, then it doesnt go into my brain.

I saw the MomAgenda on Blue Eyed Bride's blog and thought "Well Im going to be a mom, might as well try it!" This thing is awesome. I love the format of having a montly view in the front and a week by week glance in the back. It also has spaces for planning meals, and keeping your kids activities straight. I dont use the "kids" section. I usually cross it out and write "to-do" instead. I have the pink crocodile desktop version shown above, but it also comes in a mini purse friendly size. I hear the MyAgenda is awesome as well. They both come in fun colors.

What's on tap for tonight?? Dinner with Mrs Foreste and her husband!

"My name is Candace, and Im addicted to Chapstick" I have a tube in every pair of pants, a few in my bedside table, jacket pockets, car cup holder, desk drawer... and I find them randomly too. I tend to freak out a little when I'm left without a tube. Its a serious addiction.

BeBand: Seriously, if I would have known how awesome this thing is, I never would have paid over $200 for maternity jeans. A formerly pregnant friend lended me hers, and they are awesome. With this little contraption I can still wear my favorite Joe's jeans and be comfortable.

Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Color Blend Conditioner- I love Aveda products because they smell so fresh and clean. They also make my hair look great (when I actually style it). The salon that I go to uses Aveda products and hair color. Recently my stylist started doing color glazes on my hair. Basically it is your hair color with a boost. During the summer I went for a brightening glaze to bring out my natural highlights. For fall I went with a warmer chocolately shade. All of the glazes are semi permanent so you dont have to worry about roots or touch ups.

My stylist mixed a color blend conditioner for me with the chocolate brown color in it. It makes the color last longer and deposits a little bit of color at home. Thus, saving me from going to the salon every other month.

I love being a darker brunette, but Im itching to have my blondish shade back for spring.

Johnson's Vanilla Oatmeal baby lotion- Although this is a baby product, I use it for myself. This stuff makes the greatest shaving lotion. I use it instead of shave gel. It lasts much longer, makes your skin much softer, and it smells great! Score!


  1. I love Sharpie markers and Aveda shampoo too :)

  2. I love the Sharpie pens and the planner! I'm pretty sure I'm going to stop working out and eating right, and just wear the BellaBand.

  3. oooh, sharpie pens!! i love sharpies...so i gotta try the pen.

  4. oooh thanks for all the product tid bits! I love that they can do that with shampoo! I have never colored my hair but this is tempting!

  5. You and I just may be soul mates. I don't know about the bella band yet (although I'm tempted on some days to use one even though I'm not knocked up). However, I LOVE Aveda, all Johnson's products, Chapstick and most importantly Sharpies and a planner. My planner looks almost like a scrap/collage book it has so much stuff in it. My favorite is a leather bound book I got at Barnes and Nobles. Big, but still fits in my oversized purse. What did I ever do before a planner!?

  6. Thanks for mentioning The Flash Scoop-just what I've been looking for! I have a Nikon D60 and over the holiday's I was taking pictures at a family gathering. The indoor light was to low, so I had to use the flash. The flash can almost at times be annoyingly bright, so in an attempt to remedy the bright light I found a cheep diffuser but really was looking for something more like the Flash Scoop.

  7. i use the vanilla oatmeal baby wash for the boys! i love it! :)

  8. I really want to try to Aveda shampoo and conditioner now. And the glaze for my hair...I get foil highlights, I go every 6-8 weeks and still constantly have roots! Thanks for the tips.

  9. I love me some sharpie pens!

  10. I love Aveda!! I use color conserve and it's great.

  11. the flash scoop!!! i've been using a index card covered with foil, lol. i just learned about this and LOVE it! ::googling now::


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