Fun night out!

Last night, Mrs. Foreste and I arranged for a dinner date for us and our spouses. The two of us have hung out lots of times, but the boys had never met. We decided to force them into a potentially awkward situation and went out! Lucky for us, they really hit it off!

Of course they made fun of us because we wanted pictures for our blogs. They also refused to have their picture made! Guys just dont understand.
Tomorrow I have a baby shower! I am so excited about it! I'm also 36 weeks tomorrow! I cant believe I only have 4 weeks to go! By the looks of it, some of yall think I will be delivering early! So the thought of having a baby in 3 weeks scares the beejesus out of me! haha! Be sure to vote when you think Keating will make his appearance!


  1. Came across your blog and it is too cute! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. 你的選擇就是做或不做,不做就永遠不會有機會 ....................................................

  3. Awesome night!!! We def need another one once Keating is born... I need a jello shot buddy :)


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