Must See Christmas Movies!

Well, now that the turkey is behind us, we can get to all of the fun Christmas festivities! One of my most favorite parts of the Christmas season is watching all of my favorite movies. Here are my top picks new and old
Christmas Vacation- What Christmas movie has funnier one liners that never seem to get old? "Look kids! A deer!"
Love Actually- One of my new quirky favorites. I actually hated this movie in the theater but it has grown on me.
Rudolph- A classic
The Family Stone- This movie just makes me want a big family
The Polar Express- The illustration is gorgeous
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - You cant have Christmas without the Grinch!
Charlie Brown Christmas - I love that the big networks still play this eventhough it tells about the true meaning of Christmas.
Elf - Will Ferrel in an Elf suit, priceless
The Holiday - A Christmas chick flick!
Its a Wonderful Life - an all time favorite
A Christmas Story- The most epic of all Christmas movies!

What are your favorite Christmas movies??


  1. Love your list! Some of my favorites are White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, and Meet Me in St. Louis :)

  2. I love all of those movies! Yay for Christmas festivities starting!

  3. Omg I love all of those movies...I watched the Family Stone earlier today and am watching The Holiday right now!

  4. Oh some of these bring back childhood memories...***sigh****

    Great times. Great times :)

  5. i just love elf! Ive watched it twice now since thanksgiving

  6. Great movies...I love your list! We just watched Elf too! :)

  7. Christmas Vacation has been one of my favorite since I was little! I love that movie.

    Another favorite for me is the Grinch movie with Jim Carrey. He's not my favorite actor, but I love all of the scenery and the costumes. The created such an amazing looking world for that film!

    Elf is amazing too, and when I saw A Christmas Story for the first time last year I thought it was awesome! And now I finally know where those shoot your eye jokes have been coming from!

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  9. Ah, I just LOVE your blog! Those are all great movies. I now just want to go out and buy every single one that DH and I do not own!

  10. Agree! There are all the best holiday movies!

  11. "The Santa Clause" is hands down my favorite Christmas movie. Probably because (lame as it may be) it's my favorite movie of all time. Takes me back to simpler time when we all still believed. :)


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