Its only Tuesday?

I realized that I hadnt posted a weekend recap yet... so here it is!

Friday: I started painting my bathroom. I wont even go into this here... it deserves its own post.

Saturday: I continued painting my bathroom. Then went to watch UGA get stomped at my parents house. Of course, then we trick or treated, in the rain.
Is my niece not the cutest puppy dog ever? Lola liked her sweater but wasnt crazy about her where's waldo hat.

She loved the spot on her eye. She was actually "Lola" for Halloween! See the resemblance?? =)
I took a picture of these gorgeous leaves on my drive to my folks house. I went all the way to Boston hoping to see great foliage and it was basically in my own backyard!

Sunday: I was STILL painting my bathroom. I also had a photo session with this fun family. The little guy didnt so much want his picture taken. I love this picture because it says "If you mess with me, my three big brothers will beat you up!"

Thank you to all that have emailed about the ornament swap! We are so excited to have such great participation this early!
In case you missed the announcement, click HERE to see the details!


  1. Your niece is too cute! I love that she dressed up as Lola. haha I need to go sign up for the ornament exchange.

  2. Too cute!! Love the photos, and I want a copy of the fall photo you took on the way to your parents! :)

  3. I can't even begin to imagine driving down this road and the pure excitement I would feel! I would have to jump out and collect all the leaves! so beautiful! I will definitely be joining your ornament swap what a GREAT idea! :o) Hope you're having a great day!

  4. That is a VERY cute little puppy dog there.

  5. Oh I love the picture of the fall leaves. I am hoping to find a place like that to take engagement pictures! ::Crosses fingers::

  6. That picture is awesome! I love it!

  7. What a cute costume! That picture of the Fall leaves is amazing!


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