Festive Attire

Christmas cocktail attire is normally one of my favorite things to shop for all year long. I love looking online for cute dresses to wear at Christmas parties, or wearing to plays.

Well I have come to learn, that the Christmas "cocktail" look is not that popular in the maternity crowd. Designers have done a pretty good job at making pregnancy fashionable, but cocktail dresses are not easy to find. So far everything that I like is over $200, which also isnt in my budget. Whats a girl to do?

Here are a few of my pricey inspirational dresses from Isabella Oliver

And some choices from the Women's section from Target. Their maternity dresses kind of look like tents to me.Im thinking a bump could fit into an empire waist, right? For $31.99 these choices seem like a no brainer!!

And add a little fun bling!


  1. I love them and the bling!!!

  2. I agree...I can still wear some of my dresses that are xs, as long as, they are empire waist! And that saves lots of money! :)

  3. You are small enough that you can get something in regular sizes that is clingy. Just get a medium instead of a small!

  4. I LOVE Isabella Oliver stuff. I could never afford any of it either, but I had fun stuffing my online shopping cart full of dresses & tops anyway :) Have you looked at nordstrom (sale maternity) or gap? Also pea in the pod might have something cute on sale too...

  5. I love the pricey ones of course but I also love that first v-neck black one from Target. It looks so versatile and a great way to dress up shoes and jewelry!!
    All are cute though so either one that you choose will be beautiful!


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