25 Weeks!

* How far along?: 25 weeks! I hit the 99 day mark this week! WOW!
* Total weight gain: Im not sure, I go to the dr tomorrow.
* How big is baby?: an eggplant! I need to take a new veggie pic!
* Sex: Baby boy!
* Maternity clothes?: yes and no.
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: He is moving at all hours of the night now, sometimes that keeps me up
* Best moment this week? figuring out how he's actually sitting in there. He is sitting sideways facing my left side. He is growing so fast!
* Movement?: oh yeah!
* Food cravings?: a chick fil a mint chocolate shake. I cant have one until tomorrow after my gestational diabetes test, dangit!
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Its working its way out. So. Weird.
* What I miss: Dresses not being too short in the front.
* What I'm looking forward to: looking forward to or freaking out about? Having less than 100 days!
* Words of Wisdom: Ive got nothin'


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