Recap: St Joseph and the weekend

Last week St Joseph found a new home in my front flower bed! I wrapped him in a snack sized ziploc, placed him head first facing the street (what I was instructed to do), and covered him with soil. On Friday I got a call from my realtor that we had a second showing that afternoon! WOO HOO!

I RUSHED home to get the house ready. No matter how clean your house is, its never clean enough for someone who is looking to buy it. never.

Selling a house is a HUGE PITA, but thats another story.

Well, our house has seriously never been cleaner, and I guess it paid off. The realtor said she loves the house and she will let us know this week if she is going to make an offer!


If you have 2 seconds to spare, please pray we get an offer on our house! Por Favor! I'll owe you!

As for a weekend recap...

Friday: Went to dinner with the hubs, came home and started season 2 of The Office. Im really not sure how Ive never followed that show... because its FREAKING HILARIOUS! We are currently working our way through the seasons. Jim makes me laugh until I cry!

Saturday: I woke up early to paint a mural on a little girls wall. She was pretty happy with her "bun buns"
Afterwards, we went to help serve food at a local boys camp for our church's love loud weekend. It turned out to be a gorgeous fall day and we had lots of fun at the camp!

Sunday: We went to church, I went to a local fall festival, and then went to attempt to spend my Macy's gift card... AGAIN.

I hate when I have money to spend but cant find a thing to spend it on. Im looking for a pair of riding type boots, in a rich cognac brown color. Any suggestions??

I came home to watch Transformers with B. I love Josh Duhamel, so I couldnt refuse!

I mean, Whats NOT to love about that man!?

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement later in the week!!!


  1. Oo ooo what announcement?! And I truly did just take a minute to pray that this is it for yall with the house... I hope she makes an offer!

    Ya we started watching the office re-runs on tbs & we got addicted so we started renting them from season 1. We're finally caught up to the current season... BEST SHOW EVER!

  2. Okay...Transformers is GREAT! and I love him tooo...heart throb...*sigh*.....

    But it worked???!!!
    Congrats on showing your home!! Yay-er!!!

  3. I'm pretty excited about your exciting announcement . . .

    but also, I am praying your house sells for sure! :-) that would be such a blessing! And what church do you go to again? i've been seeing signs for that Love Loud thing in my neighborhood. . .

    and the Office? best show ever - not only is Jim hysterical but I totally am in love with him, he's the sweetest :-) oh, he's not real? darn.

  4. Good Luck on sellign the house....I will keep my fingers crossed!!

    I watched Transformers for the same reason on Sunday evening....Fergie is a very lucky woman!!

  5. Hope the house sells!! And can't wait to hear about the "announcement". I'll be checking back! :)

  6. Hope you get good news this week! Check out my latest post, there are two super cute and less than $100 riding type boots.

  7. Just started reading your blog and love it! I work in a real estate office that buries the St. Joseph statue--never knew about it until I started working here. good luck!


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