23 Weeks 17 to go!

23 weeks!

* How far along?: 23 Weeks! Time is FLYING by!
* Total weight gain: 6-8 pounds?
* How big is baby?: About the size of a spaghetti squash or papaya. He stays that size for about 3 weeks, but he's starting to fill out more. He might end up a chunker like is dad was!
* Sex: Team Peen!
* Maternity clothes?: yes. I just discovered Ann Taylor loft has a maternity line. I PPH ATL!
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: good... I just wish I got more of it
* Best moment this week? The little dance parties in my belly have been fun. Also getting him precious UGA apparel is always fun! Also, qualifying to be part of a stroller study! More about that later...
* Movement?: oh yeah!
* Food cravings?: Rootbeer floats! Ive had two in a week. Its probably a habit I shouldnt give in to very often. I have no willpower.
* Labor signs?: no but I have started having braxton hicks contractions which will last the remainder of the pregnancy.
* Belly button in or out?: In but looking different.
* What I miss: Tucking my skinny jeans into my boots. No one really makes skinny jeans for pregnant women. I guess SKINNY and PREGNANT are double negatives??
* What I'm looking forward to: My first pregnant comment from a stranger. Im ready for my belly to pop out already! I just look like I have a beer gut!
* Words of Wisdom: I had a friend thats a pediatric nurse fill me in on all of her opinions on Dr's and vaccines. It was very helpful and informative.


  1. You look so great, and I can tell you are looking pregnant! I agree about tucking jeans into boots! I miss that!

  2. get you some leggings and wear those with a sweater. They look cute in boots

  3. I'm pretty sure you pregnant would look better in skinny jeans and boots than most people that aren't (like me!)

  4. You look wonderful.....& don't worry you belly will pop out & when it does there is no stopping it :)


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