Quirky things about me Part 1

* I find parking garages a bit confusing sometimes
* If calories didnt count, I could probably eat mac and cheese every day
* I hate tomatoes raw, but eat them in salsa and spaghetti sauce or anytime they have been somewhat processed. I dont understand why people find this weird?
* I have a slight addiction with buying notebooks/ sketch books that I never use or write in
* I would let Michael Buble sing me to sleep every night. Sigh!
* I love finding reasons to skip going to the gym
* I buy books I never read because I like to browse bookstores
* I'm a HUGE procrastinator, HUGE!
* I want a big garden, but that will have to wait until we have an actual yard
* I used to have a "cock" collection (cock as in rooster) Telling people this in 9th grade seemed hilarious at the time! Honestly, Im immature and it still is pretty funny.


  1. girl, give me some of your books! i'm such a reader =)

    and i agree with about 95% of the rest of this list!

  2. LOL believe or not, my boyfriend in high school raised roosters & gave me one...I can't believe I just admitted that where others can read it.

    He was actually really neat looking though, with emerald green & royal blue feathers. He was what they call "spangled" So he had little white spots splattered all through his feathers.

  3. I'm the same way about parking garages... I will admit I have gotten lost in more than one. (Wow, that makes me sound even sillier than when I say it out loud!)

    And I'm the same way with tomatoes and people find it so strange.

  4. My husband is the exact same way about tomatoes! I think your "rooster" story is hilarious- I had a "Cocks" hat for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks! It definitely served as the topic of discussion once or twice :)

  5. Sounds normal to me! I'm fascinated with parking garages actually!

  6. I love this! I also collect notebooks and never use them! that and Soaps...LOL

  7. I'm so like you about loving to browse book stores, and I have tons of books that I need to get rid of because of it! :)

  8. HA HA, you get a LOT of this from me! Except the tomato part and the cock part, but I did purchase you a lot of cocks for your collection!


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