Keating's Future Nursery

My initial inspiration came from watching You, Me and Dupree one night with my husband. I absolutely LOVED their bedroom with the cool denim colored walls and the creamy white board and batten trim work.

When I talked to B about adding the board and batten to Keating's room, he thought it was a great way to spruce up our cookie cutter home. You know, get a leg up on all of the other houses for sale on our street. Make our little 3 bedroom something to compete with!

I like the idea of adding a ledge to the top, to add framed photos. I also like the distance the boards are spaced in this photo.

Ive shared this before, but this is the main fabric I am using for bedding. I want the wall colors to coordinate, but not be too matchy. Im thinking the color blue of the cowboy's jeans...

Something like Durango Blue from Ralph Lauren I like that it doesnt scream "LITTLE BABY BOY"

Or a little lighter with Cowgirl Blue - Ralph Lauren

B is a fan of green, me not so much... This is Palm Leaf - Ralph Lauren
I like neutrals, but Im trying to steer away from them. Our entire house is pretty neutral. This is a nice color though. Safari Tan - Ralph Lauren



  1. I like the green, but I also like both of the blues. Based on the color choices, I think I would go with the darker blue. I don't know...just a thought. Very cute ideas! :)

  2. I say the lighter blue or the yellow. At least on my screen the fabric appears to be really dark. I don't remember if you mentioned where else you're using the fabric, but if it's in a lot of places (pillows for a chair, a lampshade, long curtains for the window, general padding elsewhere in addition to the crib bedding) then you want some light color to balance the navy/black background of the fabric.

  3. I love the idea for the board & Batten. that will look awesome!!!

  4. I like the dark blue....& I love the ledge idea for the frames!!

  5. I love the idea of the board and I've never seen it with a ledge for picutres, too cute!

    I like the lighter blue and the yellow. I think the yellow would really pop with that fabric.

  6. I like the darker blue! I think that it would look so great and really pop right up against the white bead board. That fabric is super cute...can't wait to see what you decide!

  7. the dark blue is really pretty! i like the green too!

  8. I really like the dark blue - plus they are infants for such a short period of time. With my little guy I went with darker colors and I was so happy, I didn't feel like he grew out of his room quickly. In fact he is now 3.5 and I didn't have to repaint when I switched him to his big boy bed. I did a caramel with a darker caramel and navy vertical stripe. Have fun - little boys are so fun!!

  9. you have great taste :-) I love your ideas! That first blue is my favorite


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