Just wanted to point out... that I flipping LOVE THIS SHOW! If you have never watched, you really need to! Its hilarious! and if you dont think its funny, you obviously dont have a good sense of humor... or people falling down and getting hurt just isnt funny to you? Maybe I have a problem?? Maybe Im just mean, but I think these people are asking for it by signing up in the first place!
The big balls are my very favorite. People always fall!

Wednesday Night on ABC!! Check it out!


  1. I always feel bad laughing too but it's hilarious!

  2. I only watched the first episode but I loved the running thoughts from the announcers -- too funny!

  3. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW! I want the shirts they sell that says big balls on it with the picture.

    that and I survived a japanese gameshow are so funny.

  4. Did you see the larger lady who folded in half on the big balls last night...and the fact that they kept showing it over and over again in slow motion?!?! It really cracked me up!!

  5. I have never seen this show but a bunch of different people have told me it is hilarious! Maybe I really do need to check it out!

  6. Love that show. We have a UK version here, too, but personally I like the US commentary better.

    I've tried to convince DH to apply since it's a free trip to Argentina, but I don't think it will happen.

  7. It's great! We watch it and you just bust out laughing!
    Love it!!!!!!


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