New puppy and a photo shoot!

Meet Titan! This is our new 16 week old future Police K9. He is a beautiful German Shepherd that will be trained as a drug dog, and search and rescue. He's sweet, and means well, but this dude is a monster! His feet are enormous and he doesnt realize that he is a big dog. For instance, on Saturday while cooking dinner, he was curious as to what I was doing, and decided it would be a great idea to jump up and put his feet on the stove. Luckily there was nothing on the stove where he landed... that could have been bad.

He's also a klepto and steals everything from bra's to magazines and everything else he can sink his puppy teeth into! I forgot how much work it is to have a puppy, let alone one that is a beast! He starts police training on Tuesday and I hope they teach him a few manners in the meantime! =)

Poor Lola is not sure what to think about him. She is used to being the only dog in the house, so we have had to give her lots of extra attention to keep her happy.

I also did a portrait session for my in laws. We had fun exploring this junk yard place that I found. It made for interesting backdrops, instead of the spots that I normally choose.

I randomly found this rickety old bench... they were a little scared to sit on it!

A total heart breaker

She did not want to sit on this car because she said it was dirty... what a priss!

An old fridge. I really wish they still made pink refridgerators!

Another old car

I have been looking everywhere for old antique coke crates... I had a very hard time not using the 5 finger discount on these babies. I'm going to try to see who owns them and try to make them my very own. I have great ideas for them!


  1. Great photo shoot! Love the puppy too. Can't wait to hear of the dogs adventures. heheh!

  2. i love the pics!! my hubby wants a sheperd but im on the fence, they are huge!!! Thats so awesome you are sending him to police training!!

  3. i LOVE that coke bottle shot...you should totally put that print on your etsy shop =)

  4. Love your photoshoot locale!

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous. I just love the shot on the car.

    Cute furbaby too!!!

  6. I love the picture of your niece on the car--so cute!!

  7. What a fun photo shoot! Your niece has gorgeous hair, she is too cute!

  8. Ah, my first dog was named Titan :) He is a cutie! God made puppies cute for a reason!

  9. I came across your blog through another blog that I read. I love the pictures that you took and your niece is beautiful.

  10. awesome photos! and your dog is precious!

  11. The new puppy is cute and awesome photos!! I wish I had the talent to be a photographer!

  12. What a cute puppy!

    Awesome photo shoot. I would LOVE to have a pink refrigerator!


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