Its only Thursday??

This week is going by SO SLOW! A few things...

I'm redoing the decorations in my kitchen, and I was hoping to have the pics/ diy project up today. Unfortunately as I am painting, I start reading that pregnant women shouldnt use the paint... After a minor freak out and a lot of googling, I'm waiting for someone to finish painting for me! Sorry for the delay, but a healty baby is more important than my kitchen decor! Obviously.

This is the last day for my ask anything questions. I will post all of the answers tomorrow. You can also ask more than one question if you want!
In other news... my gap maternity jeans came in. I think that every person needs a pair of these, not just pregnant women. These pants are heaven, they feel like yoga pants and look like jeans. Perfect for when you eat wayyy too much! I mentioned this to a friend and she reminded me of a "Friends" episode when Joey borrow's Phoebe's maternity pants for thanksgiving dinner. He renames them his "turkey eating pants." I think everyone needs a pair of "turkey eating pants"!


  1. Congrats on the baby! I sooo remember that 'Friends' episode! LOL

  2. HAha, I loved that episode. Good luck getting the kitchen done. Glad all is well withe the baby!

  3. Glad everything is going so well with the baby and I LOVE that episode from friends...so funny!

  4. Turkey eating pants! I love it. I may have to get some for when we go eat japanese!

  5. Oh my! I remember that!!!! Ha! Ha!
    That was funny than...most!

  6. Oh we all need turkey eating pants!

  7. I love my "turkey eating pants!" the only problem is they are so comfortable I hate wearing my regular ones...LOL.

    Can't wait to see the kitchen!


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