Answers Revealed!

Thank you to everyone that participated in my Ask Me Anything posts. I had a lot of fun coming up with the answers! Some of you really got me thinking, I feel like my brain has been on vacay lately, so it was nice!

Here it goes!

1. If you HAD to change your SEC allegiance....would you be an auburn fan, or a florida fan?
I would be an Auburn fan. Yes their football team is not so great, but I would rather cheer for ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE over Florida!! Plus guys wearing jean shorts is NOT a good look!

2. What do you do for a living?
I work for a construction company where I do human resource type stuff. I'm also a chef, maid, courier, copy machine repairman, customer service, insurance liaison, travel agent, accounts payable, artist, receptionist, and sales call dismissing extraordinaire. =)

3. Why did you pick a boston terrier?
My family had always had dachshunds and the breeder we always bought from wasnt currently having any litters. Dachshunds can be really mean and snippy if you dont get them from the right person, so I didnt want to risk it. I also wanted a boxer, but I couldnt keep a dog that big in my college apartment. So I started researching other breeds. The Boston Terrier was supposed to be a great, CALM, apartment dwelling dog. Lola is great, but CALM is one thing she is not! I should have known better when we saw her father at the breeder's house. He ran around the yard and left a cloud of dust like the tasmanian devil... She's so smart though, and full of personality! They are a great breed, and Im told that they arent all wild like her!

4. Where would be your ideal place to live (in the US)? Great question! I actually love living in Georgia. If I had to change, I would say a house in a more country area with a few acres. I'd like to have a big porch and a small garden too.

5. If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? I'm pretty sure that I could eat macaroni and cheese every day. Especially the delish thanksgiving variety that is baked and all bubbly on top! YUM!

6. If you had to date a living celebrity, who would it be? Oh fun question! Lets see, Ill give my list. Josh Duhamel, Chace Crawford, or Edward Cullen (not Rob Pattinson himself though, he's kinda skeezy)

7. What was your favorite part of planning your wedding? I loved wedding planning! We were blessed with being able to use a gorgeous garden belonging to a family member to host our wedding. I planned everything from the ground up. My favorite aspect is that we were able to have a perfect outdoor fall wedding. Thanks to the good Lord, the weather was incredible! Everything was very autumn and rustic. Lots of changing leaves, twinkling lights in the trees, and fires once it got dark. We had delicious southern food consisting of Fried chicken, mac n cheese (told you I loved it!), green beans, salad, loaded mashed potatoes, and of course sweet tea!

8. If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding what would it be? We wouldnt have left for our honeymoon the next morning. We would have waited another day and gotten all of the post wedding madness taken care of. I felt bad that we weren't around to help clean up the mess.

9. Have you picked any baby names yet? We have a few baby names in mind, but we arent settling on anything until we know the sex of the baby. Our boy name is my maiden name and our girls are still up in the air because we have two that we're deciding on. We are open for suggestions for middle names. If you have anything good, send it our way!

10. How did you and your husband meet? B and I met at church over 3 years ago. Apparently we had been crossing paths our whole lives. We went to the same elementary and middle school, went to the same church, and had a lot of mutual friends. I sort of "knew him" or "knew of him" when we were first introduced, but of course I played dumb!

11. How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? Well, we were leaving for vacation at the beach and I thought that I better test before we left. I saw a very faint line which I knew was obviously positive, but he wasnt convinced. The next day in Hilton Head we went and bought a digital. When I saw the word "pregnant" pop up on the display, I screamed in the bathroom. Im pretty sure he knew at that point! I was too excited to hold it in and do something cute to tell him. Maybe I'll save that for next time?

12. What is your favorite thing to photograph? I love photographing children and families. I think kids make photography fun and full of life!

13. Who would play you in a movie about your life? I would love Rachel McAdams to play me. I think she does a great job getting into character, and she is so dang beautiful!

14. Has there ever been an instance in your life where you had to "learn something the hard way"? OH YEAH! Who hasnt?? I'd say the biggest one would have to be jerks I used to date. You know the ones....we've all been down that road! The ones that lie to you, cheat on you, dont get along with your friends, hit on your friends...All I have to say is praise the Lord that time in my life is over!! I am so blessed to have my husband!

Thank you all for your questions! I hope I did a good job answering them!


  1. haha, lola is like bo! pugs are supposed to be "lethargic and prone to obesity"....he NEVER stops moving!!!

  2. I can't read your blog anymore due to the answer to question #1. :) Gators DO NOT wear jean shorts... none I know anyway. :) I blame that theory on the ACRs (Alachua County Residents) who did NOT go to Florida.

    I guess by my picture you can tell I'm a little bit of a Gator fan. Seriously, who's family has a bridal shower cake decorated with a Gator? Mine! haha

  3. I am so with you on number 5!! People used to bring mac and cheese to family gathering and such just for me!! Loved reading the answers to your questions!! = )

  4. I have to agree with number 8! WOW what a job that was!


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