Wow... how things have already changed

Last night my friend Missy in Pink, our friend Alyssa and I went to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. We always go to eat mussles there and dip the bread in the delicious sauce. Well apparently, I think mussles are disgusting now. I choked down two but couldnt take the chewy fishy taste. Sad day! I hope this doesnt happen to everything I like eating!

I just got back from a day of shopping at the outlet mall and this pregnant lady is exhausted. I never realized how tiring and unfun shopping is! haha! No, of course shopping is fun... I havent completely lost it...yet. But its not fun looking at clothes when I dont know how huge I am going to be to fit in them. And lets face it, I think 99% of maternity clothes are U-G-L-Y!

Instead of looking for myself, I decided to try and find a few gender neutral things for the Jelly Bean. I was browsing through Baby Gap and I felt the urge to spank this little boy that wasnt mine (obviously). He was about two and went through the store taking all of the 20% sale paper things out of all of their holders, and began tearing them into pieces. I say "I dont think you're supposed to tear those up" no response. Then I say "Hey! Cut that out!" no response. He didnt "speak" English, but he definitely understood enough to walk over and push me! He pushed me in Baby Gap!? Where is this monster's mother you ask?! She saw him pushing me and walked over shortly after and started babbling something in a middle eastern language. UGH! People SERIOUSLY need to learn American customs and ettiquette if they are going to live in this great nation and take advantage of Fourth of July sales. But thats another rant, for another day.

Anyhow, I found a few SUPER CUTE onesies. One says "I<3 Mommy" and of course I had to get "I <3 Daddy." Even though, I'm obviously a little biased since Jelly bean is currently residing inside of me.

I hope everyone has a super Fourth of July!!


  1. I agree...being pregnant is so tiring! I'm so ready to get out of the first trimester. They say that it's so much better then!

  2. I remember those days!! I agree with you about maternity wear, it gets depressing after a while. But congrats on the coming Jelly Bean and good snags on the onesies!

  3. I missed the Jelly Bean announcement-- congratulations!!!

  4. you got pushed by A CHILD?! that's madness!!

    and i totally bought a friend a little shirt from target that said "cuter than daddy" for her little one....B won't mind that, right?

  5. oh man I remember how EXHAUSTED I always was when I was pregnant! :-)

  6. It's ok, I ate all your share of the mussels and your share of the vino :)


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