Pickles Please!

I'm so cliche... but they are such a delicacy to me! This is all I want to eat right now. Ive successfully almost eaten a whole jar in an hour. This weekend was lots of fun. I will post a recap tomorrow!

Now Im not one to toot my own horn... okay who am I kidding? I love to toot my own horn! I know I have mentioned on here my DEVOUT LOVE for my friend Vintage Victuals. I really dont know what I did in the kitchen before she started her cooking blog! Well, Ellie from VV has begun a new blog to keep track of her journey in opening a bakery/ cafe! I highly recommend everyone to follow her story in leaving the corporate world behind and following her heart to bake for a living. She also has an awesome new logo that she is using on labels that yours truly designed for her. I think they are pretty spiffy! See for yourself! Ellie Bakes


  1. Awwww, thanks!!!! I love my new labels!

  2. I ate dill pickle potato chips this weekend and my husband kept asking me if I really liked them or if I was just trying to be a cliche. They were amazing.

  3. Oh I totally craved pickles all the time when i was pregnant too :-) I sent Adam to Subway for subs with extra pickles all the time :-)


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