What a weekend!

This weekend flew by like usual! Friday I went out to Red Brick Brewery with some friends. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. It is off of Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. Its $7 and you get a glass and a couple of beer tokens for "beer tasting." A very good deal and you get to keep the glass.
Saturday my hubby and I hit up Waffle House with my parents and then I sat at home during the rainy morning catching up on my tv shows. That afternoon we had a Valentines day bonfire with friends. I spent the afternoon playing with chubby babies and bulldog puppies. I was in heaven!
The bonfire also gave me a great excuse to pull out my new koozie! This is my second edition of my special koozie because I lost my other one after a boating "adventure" last summer. An adventure that is summed up by me trying to hop off of the boat and onto the boat ramp, something that I have done many, many, MANY times. Except this time was different. My denim mini skirt got caught on the boat cleat and I ended up hanging upside down by my skirt, until it gave, and I fell flat on my face onto the cement... good times! In the midst of all of that, I lost my beloved koozie. My awesome koozie came from my friend whose blog is called GreenMagsterPie in my favorites. She is the greatest! Every great tailgater needs a monogrammed koozie. I happen to love ALL THINGS MONOGRAM!
Sunday was the first Nascar race of the season. We love Nascar and always get together on Sundays at my parents house to watch it. For those of you who may not appreciate racing or think its a redneck sport, please look at the picture below. That is my favorite driver Carl Edwards #99. He is a pretty good reason to like Nascar! If liking Nascar is wrong, then I dont want to be right! haha


  1. now that is the reason why i watch nascar! haha! i just found your blog and love it! im sending you an invite to mine!

  2. Okay first of all...you are too sweet!
    Secondly, Carl Edwards is so HOT!!!

  3. THAT IS CARL? Damn, he has grown up. Maybe instead of doing that back flip off the car he can take his shirt off!

  4. i LOOOOVE monogrammed koozies! i have one i'm super superstitious about for gamedays...and one for other times =)

    once my monogram changes and i like it...i'll probably get all 3 letters.


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