Polaroid Fun!

I have a great affection for old school polaroid photos. The kind that are virtually non-existent now. Polaroid stopped making its awesome instantaneous film and ever since its price and popularity has sky rocketed. In art school, we had to purchase polaroid film for photo projects. At the time, it just made me mad because it was so expensive, but now I have nostalgia for the old poor quality film. I remember many times getting a photo taken and shaking it until the magic picture appeared. Those days are probably over and my children will never understand nor appreciate anything that is not digital.

My friend Hayley told me about a website www.poladroid.net This website allows you to download their Poladroid program and you can easily turn your photos into the computer version of a polaroid. You can even "shake" the photo to make the picture show up.

Here are some of my favorite photos turned into polaroids. They make me smile!

My husband popping the question
My niece Reece kissing me through my veilMy parents dog John Wayne wearing a tutuMy ring bearer and flowergirl being little loversOur groomsmen giving us an unforgetable send off!

Its really fun to make your photos into polaroids. You should try it!


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