Its Fabulously Friday!

I am so grateful that this week is finally coming to an end. Although the weather has been nice, and I can't complain, I would much rather enjoy it from outside, than in my office without windows. Yesterday I went home and enjoyed a nice glass of wine and a little chocolate I might add. It was quite wonderful!

I also found a few awesome deals yesterday! I LOVE a good deal, and I usually dont buy anything that isnt on sale. I have email subscriptions to all of the designer discount sites such as shop it to me, rue la la, gilt groupe, and haute look. There have been a few good finds that I have gotten from the sites, but I would much rather comb the racks at Target or TJ Maxx to find really good deals! Yesterday I scored a few sweet finds! I went to Walmart (which I loathe) to get cereal, and I came out with a really cute sun dress for $14 dollars! Then I strolled into The Dollar Tree next door to get a few cheap vases, and I found some awesome wine glasses!
I have successfully broken many of my wine glasses because they are very fragile. Lets just say that fragile and wine dont go well together... The glasses that I found are really thick glass and for a buck, you cant beat it!

Weekend To Do List: Drink wine, make a heart shaped strawberry shortcake for my husband, Valentines Bonfire, clean the house, upholster my ottoman, finish my quilt, possibly refinish our inherited buffet table, and who knows what else?

I will probably only accomplish the first three! HAHA


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Those glasses kick ass!! I bought a bunch for a party and spent a minimal amount for them!

  3. we bought our wine glasses from walmart for that same reason....thick glass!

  4. thanks for including us in your post about finding great deals! hope you continue to be pleased with your Salemail! -the shop it to me team

  5. oh the top 3 sound much more fun than the rest anyways! :-) haha


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