Blog Makeover!

I decided that my blog needed a little face lift! The background that I was using was making the page load incorrectly and it took forever. After wasting much of the morning looking for images to use for my custom header, I came across the one above. When I saw the girl holding the boston terrier, I was in blog heaven! I debated whether or not it was a little trashy, but decided that it was more fun and flirty! Putting my hard earned art degree to good use, I spent hours today designing the perfect header and making the dog's face look more like my Lola's. Voila!

My mid-week reason for why I love my husband, is because he loves my dog! (Eventhough he pretends that he doesnt!)


  1. Who couldn't love that squishy face? Her Grammy sure does!

  2. Brad loves Lola but not as much as her best friend Reece

  3. Love the new look! PS I tagged you in my blog - check out my last post for the details!


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