These are a few of my favorite things...

So everyone probably has their "favorite things" right? They are the things that you love and obsess over. Things that make you think "why didnt I think of that?!" Or things that you just simply cant live without. Here are some of mine...

1). Strawberry Chapstick: Its everywhere, my front right jean pocket, my bed side table, my car, my purse, sometimes my dryer... seriously I cant live without the stuff.

2). My UGA tervis tumbler: Probably one of the greatest inventions ever! I fill it multiple times a day and take it everywhere. Gotta stay hydrated!

3). The third I dont have a photo for. It is the cookbook that my mom made for my sister and me for christmas. It is filled with all of the recipes that I always call and ask her for multiple times a week! Thanks mom!

4). My new sewing machine: Im still VERY BEGINNER, but it keeps me entertained since my wedding planning world is very much over, Im starting on my first quilt! I will post pictures soon!

5). Oakgrove Cabernet: It is my favorite wine, pretty cheap, and it comes in a big bottle! What
more could a wino want!?

As much as I love a good cook, I love a great recipe so that I can make it too! This is my friend Lauren's blog. She has TONS of food on here that is divine Looking at her blog during the work day makes me STARVING for lunch! She gives complete recipes with instructions as well as photos of her creations! Her Chicken Tortilla soup, White Chicken Chili, Breakfast casserole, and sugar cookie recipes are to die for!

7). My most recent OBSESSION.... The best series I have ever read! I read all 4 in a week over Christmas break, and as if that wasnt enough, I saw the movie twice! It also helps that the vampire is the hottest vampire Ive ever seen or read about! (eventhough I have never actually seen a vampire)

7). Mossimo ultra soft sweaters: These are the softest most wonderful sweaters. I have multiple colors and I could wear them everyday if people didnt think I was weird. They are sold at Target for around 14.99 but have been on sale lately!

8). Gameday Bangles: Recently my friend Michelle and I were in a store at Lake Oconee and I came across these awesome UGA bangle bracelets. My first thought was "I could make these" and my second thought was "They're 30 dollars?? Why didnt I think of that!?" I am going to making oodles of them for gifts!

9). John Deere Baby Blanket: (MOM DONT GET EXCITED!) At the same store I saw this blanket and thought it was super cute. I immediately thought of my tractor loving husband and that ONEDAY his son would need one of these. (Hear that mom? ONE DAY! Dont get any crazy ideas!)

I would post a 10th favorite thing... but I cant think of one... and its a pain posting all of these photos. So for now, enjoy my favorite things!


  1. I am so excited and honored that I made your list!!!! Do I win a complete set of your favorite things, like on Oprah? ;-) I'll bring my shopping cart.

    PS: I totally want to get that baby blanket for my nephews - they LOVE tractors! Especially JD!

  2. PPS: I'm also buying tons of your bangles for football season.

  3. i'm with lauren....uga bangles? yes please!!

    and you KNOW how i also adore the mossimo ultra soft (wearing one now, hello!) and i LOVE my uga tervis too!!!

  4. Do they make PINK John Deere blankets? We don't have boys in our family!

  5. I think #10 should be a big picture of Lola and Reece! I also have to say thank you to Lauren because most of those recipes I have tasted when Candace makes them and they are wonderful.

  6. I can't live without my strawberry chapstick either....lol.


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