I kid you not!

In light of today being the inauguration of our 44th president I would like to share my recent findings. While looking through fabric selections for my quilt at Walmart over the weekend I really couldnt believe when I saw this...

You can now buy panels of fleece with Obama's face all over it. Despite my contrasting political views, who in their right mind would purchase this?? I can see these making their way to white elephant Christmas parties next year.


  1. WTF!!!!!! I need to place an order for a quilt.
    Can you make me one of these. Everytime I go to Walmart all I see is everyone wearing Obama T-shirts. You know the people watcher I am -- I saw one lady with an Obama tatoo on her calf. It was mighty Sexy. I have seen Obama purses, socks, flags and bandanna's. The tatoo wins the prize. I have never owned anthing with a president on it and I am not going to start now.

  2. There is something to say about class...and anyone who wears or covers up with someone's face lacks even the smallest hint of it.

  3. Yowza. That is all I can say.

  4. That is hilarious. I do know who would buy this though. The same people who buy the plates and t-shirts and hats with his face on it. People are weird.

  5. You should make your PawPaw a blanket out of this!


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