Happy Hump Day!

So its Wednesday... and today, I'm just ready to finish out the week! Last night I decided to jump head first back into my Bodycore class. When I walked into the class, I realized that the instructor was very pregnant since the last time that I went to the class back in September. I thought "sweet, maybe she will go easy on us since she is pregnant!" OH NOT SO! This woman is wonder woman! Not only is she extremely pregnant, she called out exercises and did them with ease. I laid on the floor with my friend Missy, pretending to do the 1000000000's of repetitions and laughing at ourselves with our bodies cramping and muscles burning that we didn't even know existed! To reward myself when I got home, I ate cookies (a little counterproductive but oh well!) and watched episodes of season one from One Tree Hill (My new favorite show).

Today I can hardly walk, laugh, breathe, cough... you name it, it hurts! Needless to say, the class is a good workout and maybe it will help get my lazy self in shape!

Anyways, enough complaining. My mom has been harping me to watch this video. Although we had some great speeches at our wedding festivities, Im a little jealous that no one went to these lengths! Make sure you watch all of it!



  1. Haha! My ball kept rolling all over the place. I'm really sore today!

  2. Andy said that this guy in the video totally showed him up!

  3. I've been to that class (on Thurs mornings) It kills me the next day - I hate it (but love it too - it hurts so good!)

  4. LMAO at that video. I wonder how your mom found it. LOL!

  5. That's such a creepy video. How did your mom come across that one?

  6. The video was emailed to her from my wacky aunt! She always sends the funniest stuff... I could blow your minds with the things she emails me. Luckily I work in an office that doesnt stalk my email!


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