Halle-FREAKIN-luyah its FRIDAY!

Its Friday, and its going to be a good day! Why you ask? Well for starters, my intense bodycore induced ab pain is subsiding. It no longer feels like Chuck Norris round house kicked me in the stomach... Secondly, I am counting down the hours until it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Lots of visitors in town this weekend too, which is really exciting for my usually mundane Friday night! Today my sister is coming in from Athens, and tonight I'm going to enjoy the night with my high school girlfriends! Its been forever since I have seen some of them!

Saturday I plan to start decorating our guest bedroom. I'm going to do my best to use things from around the house and not buy any new decorating crap... we will see how that goes! I've been given the plea to not make it "girly" by my husband. Can I honestly help it that I like pretty things? I think not! Hopefully I can squeeze in finishing my quilt as well!

Saturday night we are going to see the great Pat Green! This is the true highlight of my weekend!

After reading the comment from my mother, I realized I left off Super Bowl Sunday. Although I dont care for either team, or any team in the NFL for that matter... I will definitely be hanging out, drinking a few beverages, gorging myself on dips and finger food, and watching funny commercials!


  1. You left out Super Bowl Sunday! How much fun is that, eating and drinking all day?

  2. yay for girls nights!!

    and i expect before and after pics of the bedroom!

    and woo for pat green =)

  3. I went to Body Core yesterday and I almost cried when I coughed today! Hope the weekend turns out so fun!


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