Catching up

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Our Christmas was wonderful, minus the illnesses that we had sweeping through our household. No one was spared, we have made 3 trips to the Dr and are all quite medicated at the moment. 

Despite illness, Christmas was great! Santa was good to the boys and Brad and I got many items off of our little Christmas lists. My mom made me this gorgeous crocheted throw that I am in LOVE with. 
 My sister requested an abstract painting for Christmas and I really enjoyed creating it. I secretly wanted to keep it for myself!

I am not exactly sure what Santa was thinking when he gave a 4 year old a real gas powered 4 wheeler... Thankfully it has an auto shut off that we control as well as a big helmet to protect his noggin. So far he has been quite careful, but I foresee not having any plants left in my yard come spring. 

We spent much of our break eating good food and baking treats. I let the boys go a bit overboard on the sweets because they have no idea of the storm that is coming! 
Starting January 1st, our family will be clean eating and I am cutting out all refined sugar. My kids are OBSESSED with sugar, so I think this is something that definitely needs to happen. Until then, I plan to polish off all of the fudge I made sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. YUM!
While off of work, I got started on the gallery wall for our stair way. I originally planned to go with grey washed wood frames, but the color matched the wall too closely. Instead I decided to use a combination of frames that I already had on hand and painted them all varying shades of grey and gold. I love the way that it has turned out so far and can't to start adding photos to the collection.
Brad also got me the beautiful chandelier that I had been wanting for over my bath tub and hung it over the weekend. Its definitely the details that make a house into a home.
And speaking of decor, we have always left our Christmas decor up until New Years day, but this year we were ready to get it down the day after Christmas. I felt like we just needed a little breathing room and we had SO MANY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS that the clutter was starting to kill me. The tree is the only thing still up and it is coming down tomorrow. 
I am always a bit sad when Christmas is over, but I am ready for life to be back to normal. I am also ready for Spring, but I know that is a long way off! 

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  1. I LOVE the nails, the stairway, the painting and the crochetwork haha :)
    Oh and we got our Christmas decorations down too... I had the exact same feeling: so much clutter! With an almost one year old it's so hard to keep her away from the lights so I just got them down...
    Happy New Year!


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