It has been awhile

I am starting to adjust to the fact that I have become a once a month blogger. A lot has been going on lately and as usual, the old blog took the back seat. In the last month the kids started school, I accepted a new job, and we got in a pretty bad car accident. To say that life has been hectic is an understatement. I guess I will start from the beginning. 

About a month ago, our family was driving home from church and as we were turning onto our street, we were hit from behind out of nowhere. I have never been in anything other than a fender bender so I had no idea what had just happened. Our car ended up over 50 feet from where we were turning and we quickly jumped out to check on the boys who were both hysterical.We were quite literally hit by a truck. A young girl had been driving her dad's enormous 3500 diesel truck and plowed into the back of us full speed while TEXTING

We only had my Jeep for a month and despite how well it held up in the accident, it was totaled. We were all a bit sore, but Brad's back was still bothering him the next day. After a trip to the orthopedic, it was determined that he had a fracture in his spine. Thankfully it is not as bad as it could have been, but has kept him out of work for the past 3 weeks. He is stir crazy! He goes back today for a follow up and we are hoping they release him to go back. 

The following day Keating and Archer started pre-school. Both boys are LOVING school! Keating is doing really well in the pre-k environment and has really learned a lot so far. Archer is doing great being away from home and likes playing with his friends at school. 

We have been finishing up long overdue projects around the house. We had a patio poured in the back yard which left a lot of mud and made a lot of little boys quite happy. Our house has been quite the hit with our friends kids lately! 
We finally got around to hanging our shutters. This little detail has made such a difference! 

and I finally convinced Brad to hang my tobacco basket that he absolutely despises. I think it looks great! The things that man does for me... I am sure he cringes every time he looks at it!

Last weekend I got tired of our laundry room being so unfinished. I started cleaning out the junk and decided that the floors needed to be finished, immediately. The floors were plain concrete and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them. I didn't want to have to mess with an acid concrete stain, so I figured I would try wood stain and hope for the best. Worked. Like. A. Charm. I used Ebony Varathane stain and after two coats, the floors look awesome. The whole project cost around $7, can't beat that! So glad that I just went for it. Hopefully the rest will start coming along.

I also came across this old set of lockers at work that I am in the process of re-painting. I am pretty sure that they thought I was nuts for actually wanting them but after a good cleaning and many coats of red spray-paint they are looking awesome! The goal is that they will help hide the mass of toys in the play room. 

As for the job situation, I had not been out job hunting but I was approached by an old friend that had a great opportunity. At first I dismissed it, but the more I heard, the more I was interested. Better hours, shorter commute, better pay, more vacation, more holidays... it was a no brainer. So I will be starting my new position in a week. The hours will allow for me to bring the boys to school which I am really excited about! I felt like I was missing out on a lot of mom things with my current work schedule. Looking forward to this new adventure!


  1. Glad everyone is okay from the accident (or at least not as bad as it could have been). Lot's of thing, good and bad, going on. The boys are adorable - congratulations on the new job!

  2. I've always thought the shutters are the mascara to a house. You never know how different and better it will look until you put them on! Between the fire and car accident, y'all are due for a break! The house is looking great. I swear I need you to take me to Goodwill to treasure hunt and decorate my house. And spend the entire day at Woodstock Market with no kids! ;-)

  3. Glad y'all are okay after the accident!

    The shutters look great- and I LOVE the tobacco basket! My friend also has one hanging on her wall, and I think they're so rustic and Southern looking.


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