House Update

I finally have a good deal of progress to share on the home front! The past two weeks have been quite productive and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sheet rock, trim, paint and brick have all been completed and the floors are going in at the end of the week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a home again! We are hoping to be back in at the end of the month. 
When we finished our house the first time, we planned on adding the planked walls to the kitchen and dining at a later date. It made sense to go ahead and have this done now while the cabinets were taken down and everything is being repainted.  
 I debated leaving the planks as natural wood because I liked them so much, but ultimately they would clash with our darker floors.

Here it is all pretty and painted!I love the contrast against the brick on the fireplace.
 Those two beautiful barn doors will be going in our bedroom for the closet and bathroom. We loved them so much in our old house, we wanted to include them again. 
I love the planked wall over the kitchen sink, I think this is my favorite part of the kitchen. 

That is all that I have for now, but it feels so great to have progress after all of the issues we were having with the lingering smoke damage and smells. 

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