Christmas Home Tour

It is officially Christmas in the Carroll household! This year has been an exciting time as we have been unpacking all of our holiday decorations that we haven't laid eyes on in over 2 years. We were hoping to be moved in our house early last December, but because of delays in construction, we never made our timeline. I was really sad that we didn't get to pull out our stockings and favorite ornaments. Needless to say, we were a bit anxious to start decorating this year... so anxious, that we began decorating in early November. I know... we are those people! Just call us the Griswolds. 

The Dept. 56 village belonged to Brad's father and he has fond memories of the two of them arranging it every year. I originally claimed to not be a "village person," but it has begun to grow on me. 
We like to keep a few pricey bottles of wine on hand in case visitors stop by for happy hour. HAHA! only kidding

I have antlers all over the place, the perks of coming from an avid hunting family! These I dipped in gold leaf to make them a bit more festive.
 Sorry for the blinding light in some of these photos, it was a bit dark outside when I got around to taking them.

 Even though I keep this wreath out year round, is there anything more Christmasy than boxwood wreaths? 

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