The Dining Room

I finally have a few decorated house photos to share! The dining room is the first area that I consider somewhat "complete" although we still need a few things. When we moved into our house the first time, I had the dining table running the opposite way. When all of the furniture was moved back in, the table ended up like this and I kind of love it. 
I am so proud of how my drapes turned out! They were SUCH a pain to make all of the pinch pleats! Want to know a secret... they aren't even hemmed yet, I have them pinned because the thought of working on them any more drives me nuts. Please remind me next time I get all ambitious to make drapes, to stop being cheap and just go ahead and pay to have them made! Don't mind the crooked curtain rod on the right, there is a loose screw making the rod sag. I didn't realize it until after I took photos.
 I am so glad we decided to add the planked walls, I think it adds so much character. The gold frames and water colors below were a recent goodwill find. Originally I was going to only use the frames and mattes, but I thought the artwork added a little color in our very neutral house.

The pine buffet in the background is going to be moved and I may add some sort of china hutch there. It is too tall for this space but it ended up here and hasn't found a new home in the house just yet. I am also on the lookout for a rug to go under the table. 
 Hopefully I can get the house clean enough to take a few more photos soon! 


  1. What is the fabric that your drapes are made out of? They are beautiful!

  2. Everything looks great! The window treatments are amazing- definitely worth the labor of love! And I love the stain on your hardwoods. Makes me want to flip another house!

  3. Your house looks so great! I love it!

  4. Wow! This looks like a page out of Architectural Digest. You certainly have an eye! Can't wait to see more!!


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