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Sorry for the vow of silence lately, life has been crazy as I am sure most of you can relate. We recently wrapped up Keating's first year of T-Ball. Towards the end of the season he wasn't as excited about going to games and I knew his attention span had pretty much worn out when he started requesting to bring his dump trucks to his games. Thankfully he earned a trophy at the end of the season that has renewed his faith in baseball. He is debating if he wants to play again next year, but as of now he says he wants to play "golf ball"

We made a trip to Perdido Key, Florida over the Memorial Day weekend. I had been looking forward to this trip for oh so long... and sadly it was ruined by an awful stomach bug that Keating picked up on his last day of pre-school. It successfully took out 7 of 8 family members. We went home with all of our bottles of wine still full... if that doesn't say something about how awful it was then I don't know what does!

Thankfully we had a few nice moments on the beach.

We rented a boat on the bay one morning and set off exploring. The boy's favorite part was this old abandoned boat. I seriously got sick behind this boat right after this photo was taken. Miserable. Lola made the trip to the beach with us too. That dog was meant to be a beach dog!
 The weather was absolutely perfect, but I mostly enjoyed it from the balcony.

Thankfully when we got back, we arrived to finished floors in our house! This brings us one step closer to moving in! The house is actually move in ready now, but the first appointment we could get to have all of our belongings delivered was June 2nd. So as of June 2nd, we will be back in our own house! PRAISE JESUS!
The floors look truly amazing though! Hand scraped, wide planked and perfectly distressed. I. LOVE. THEM. 

That about sums it up for now. Can't wait to update once we are moved in! 

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  1. Where did you get your green bathing suit from? It's fantastic!


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