The waiting game

I thought I would pop in and give an update as far as the fire repairs go. Last week was full of meetings. Meetings with insurance adjusters, meetings with contractors and meetings with insurance investigators.

The insurance investigator told Brad that it was one of the more serious gas fires that he had seen, and once again that we are very lucky we had no fatalities on our hands. Praise God. He also told him that no demolition work or repairs could begin until it was ultimately decided who was at fault for the gas leak. All of our contractors are being given official notification of the situation and are requested to attend a meeting (preferably with an attorney) at our home. There, the insurance investigator will begin breaking down the fire place and surrounding areas to determine the cause of the leak. This process in itself can take a few more weeks before we are allowed to move forward. Our guess is that we will probably be out of the house another 3 months.

Last week a company came in and took every. single. thing. out of the house for cleaning. I am currently getting by with 2 pairs of shoes, about 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. This is as close to "roughing it" as I think I will ever be! A few clothing items were rushed but the others wont arrive for another 6 weeks. Some items will not be able to be cleaned such as sofas and mattresses, so we believe those things are going to be replaced. We are also told that all of the floors will definitely need replacing and the main areas that had smoke damage will be repainted. I know from the photos I posted that it doesn't look like there was that much damage, but it is very deceiving. The fire damage was mostly contained to the fireplace area, but the areas affected by smoke as well as any area that took wear and tear during the commotion is also being included in the repair/ replacement.

So that is where we are at currently. Hopefully sometime in the next week or two, we will have permission to go ahead and move forward.


  1. I had a fire in the house adjacent to me in college and the house I was living in suffered severe smoke damage as well as water damage from the fire hoses, so I totally get what you are going through. Thank goodness I had renter's insurance at the time and they paid for me to stay in a hotel and paid to have all of my clothing professionally cleaned. My landlord was not very cooperative so I totally understand the hassle you and your family are going through. Hopefully everything will get cleared up soon!

  2. Candace, I just cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling right now. From utter shock to anger at the negligence that caused this, to the overwhelming gratitude to God you must feel that everyone made it out unharmed and everything in between. I know how hard you've worked and how long you've waited to get into your gorgeous house, and this just does not seem fair.

    1. Thank you Ashley. As frustrating as it is, we are being taught a lot about patience and not rushing things on our own timeline. Thanks for the support!

  3. Thanks Gracie Beth. I can say one perk is that it is nice to have all freshly drycleaned clothes!! Gotta look at the bright side! ;)


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