Tile Updates

16 days until Christmas and still building our house
It's not yet livable, not even for a mouse
The plastic was draped over the fireplace with care
In hopes that paint over spray would not land there.

The tile man was busy with marble and grout
While the carpenter and painter were working about.

When out in the lawn there arose such a clatter
We looked out the window to see what was the matter.
Tires were spinning and spitting out mud
A contractor was stuck in the muck and the sludge

The massive rain storms had taken their toll
No more grass, but a swamp sat below.
When what to my wandering eyes should appear, 
The new doors arrived damaged, bringing me tears.

...I am all out of rhyming words, but hopefully that gives you a festive glimpse into the current conditions at the house. We pushed really hard to be in by Christmas, but much to my dismay, it isn't going to happen. We are still trying to be in by the new year but I have a feeling a lot of the work will slow down approaching Christmas.

There has been a great deal of progress. The tile is nearly complete, the trim has been painted, and the walls are being sprayed. The hardwoods will be laid after painting is complete. Kitchen cabinets are supposed to be completed this week and hopefully installed next week. It is exciting to see it all come together! 

There was a bit of confusion regarding the subway tile for the boy's bathroom. I had originally picked other tile, and the tile guy had already installed it by the time I got the subway tiles to him. Instead we decided to do the subway tile in the downstairs bathroom. I think it looks great in here. 
I am so thrilled with how the master shower is coming together. The gray marble is gorgeous and matches the floors perfectly. The front of the walls will be wood paneled with glass above it. 
So although our house does not currently look like this, we have much to be thankful for! 


  1. Beautiful! I'm sure it's frustrating not having it done for Christmas but it's going to be amazing!



  2. Thanks Julia! We are definitely ready to call it home!


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