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How is it already the 19th of December? I have been so caught up in posting about house stuff, that I haven't even given many updates of life in general. For starters "Destructo" is in to everything, being the mean mom that I am, I had to laugh and take his photo before helping him out of our make shift baby gate.
It was about time that I dyed my hair brown again. I am really loving it this time! It feels so much healthier.

We went to a local church festival that had a snow tubing hill. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. Maybe we will actually get real snow for them to play in this year. They also had Chick-Fil-A cows. Keating wanted his photo and Archer said "no way."

Is anyone else as tired of their darn elf as I am?? I keep asking myself why I even do it?! Every morning I have to spring out of bed (Because I forgot the night before) and make sure he is doing something different. This is about as creative as I have gotten this year. 
The Target dollar spot had stemless wine glasses recently. I prefer them since Archer likes to steal my wine, and occasionally sneak a sip... Mother of the year award right here. The stemless ones don't tip over, and if they get broken they were only a dollar. I added a little glitter nail polish and gold paint pen to make them festive. So far they have held up great.
I picked our granite last week, it is called Bianco Rocco. I love the large white shimmery pieces and the black flecks will go great with our cabinets!
The painting is nearly wrapped up. This is the boy's room. I had a really hard time deciding what color to put in here, but I am SO GLAD I went dark. There is plenty of natural light to balance it out and I think it will also stand up to two crazy boys.
The first weekend in December, I surprised Brad with tickets to see A Christmas Carol at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. It was great! 
 We also went to see the Rockettes when they were in Atlanta. They always put on such a great show. 
The boys got to see Santa this week. Keating loved him this year and wanted to sit there as long as possible. Archer held back tears and only wanted to see "ho ho" from far away. 
 He truly enjoyed the man playing the sax at the restaurant though! He danced every time he walked by.

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  1. Such precious boys! Seriously, they are adorable!


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