31 Days of Building a Home: Updated Interior Photos

 Hello! We have had lots of progress around the house in the past few weeks that I have been looking forward to sharing. The sheetrock is now complete and the exterior painting is in progress. The interior painting will shortly follow!  As I mentioned before, we changed a lot about the plan. Some of which was due to code restrictions and others were just our preference. We searched the plan online and found a very helpful video walk through that someone had shared of their Calabash Cottage. We were able to see the things we liked and things we wanted to change. I also had a great reader send me photos of her parent's house, which sold us on the idea of adding the dormer windows up top. 

I don't have photos of everything, but here are a few highlights! Below is from the dining room looking at the entryway. The stairs going down lead to the basement. We decided to keep all of this open instead of closing it off with a wall. To the right of the stairs leads to the living room, and all of this will have a nice cased opening. 
Here is a view from the mudroom door looking in to the kitchen and dining room. I am still so glad we decided to take out the dining room wall! 
A view of the mudroom (from the kitchen) and behind that the laundry room. On the left hand side of this room are steps leading up to our office. I don't have photos of this. The step down to the laundry room was a happy mistake that was made during the early stages of pouring the foundation. That room was intended to be a garage storage room, so is level with the garage and not the rest of the house. I think it adds character!
Here is a view from the kitchen looking in to the living room. It is a lot smaller than our old living room and I'm not sure how our furniture is going to fit, but I think that it will be cozy. I do love that it is so open to the kitchen. Beside the fireplace we will eventually have built in shelves when the budget allows. To the left is one of our random incorrectly ordered doors. Anyone want to buy it!? =)
Here is a view of the kitchen from the dining room. Straight ahead will be the sink, the fridge will go in the far corner by the door and on the other side of the doorway will be the range. There will be an island in the middle. The wall on the left is where the little bar area will be.
 Here is a view of the master bedroom. It is a bit smaller than we originally envisioned and wish that we would have tweaked this a bit in the beginning. You live and learn! 
This is our master bath that we reconfigured. The photo is taken from the doorway to the toilet. The exposed walls are where the shower will be and under the window is where my claw foot tub will go. The vanity will be on the left hand wall. Originally the plan called for the bathtub taking up the entire space where the shower is, and then the other end wall was split between the shower and toilet. Since we shower much more than we bathe, this was the best use of the space for us. The space with the window was an addition that we made for a few feet of extra space.
This is one of the boy's bedrooms, they are identical. In the recessed spaces we will have some sort of built in storage or chest of drawers. I think it would be fun to leave one open as a fort! All of this space was not included in the plans and intended as attic space. I was all about getting as much space as I could get! On the wall opposite the dormer window, are two additional closets.
Here is the boy's playroom. This is the area that we expanded over the living room instead of leaving it vaulted. This gave us an additional 300sq ft upstairs. The window is placed high due to the porch ceiling being just underneath it. I want to do built in storage here as well so that it doesn't look so awkward. 
This is an odd view of the boy's bathroom. Brad was standing in front of the window that we decided to include in the bathroom instead of it being vaulted in the foyer. To the right, once again I plan to add storage. To the left will be the vanity and to the right behind the wall will be the shower and toilet. This bathroom was originally tiny and adding the additional room will allow the boys room as they grow. I couldn't imagine two teenage boys sharing the original bathroom. Planning this space nearly blew my mind because I had to figure out where everything would go before the walls were even standing. 
 Hopefully in the next few days, I have more to report. We are still crossing our fingers to be in by Christmas, but that will really be pushing it!


  1. We love this house plan and we are thinking about closing off the top too for a playroom and making the bathroom bigger. How tall is the ceiling now in the living room? Do you have a pic of the back of the house now?

  2. What size are the doors that you have available and where are you located? We just started on our own Calabash Cottage! Thanks

  3. I have been getting my Southern house Painting in Fort Worth. Thanks for sharing this. Keep exploring.


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