31 Days of Building a Home - Updates

I haven't been posting because sadly, not much has been happening at the house. Another joy of waiting on contractors and inspectors to show up. It makes me frustrated, so I wont even gripe about it. Instead I will fill everyone in on the kitchen and vanities.

We have decided to go with the custom cabinet maker over using the Ikea cabinets. Our local cabinet maker came in CHEAPER than using Ikea cabinets with the custom fronts as I had originally planned. He will be making all kitchen cabinets, bar and bathroom vanities.

I'm not sure why these images are showing up gray, when they are supposed to be white... but I copied them out of an email, so just go with it. Below is the butler's pantry/ bar that we will have on the wall space in between the dining room and kitchen.

This is a shot of how the island will lay out, except we did decide to not anchor it between the columns. Thanks for everyone's opinions! He had drawn this out before we filled him in on the change.

The range side of the kitchen. We may or may not add more cabinets to the right of the window. 

The sink side of the kitchen. 

Powder Bath Vanity
 Master Bath Vanity
 The vanity in the boys bathroom is very similar to the master bath, just a bit smaller. 

And for inspiration purposes, here are a few things that I showed our carpenter. The kitchen, bar and master bath will most likely be black. The other vanities will be gray. 


  1. I love butler's pantries! So jealous that you are able to have one. Great way to have a useful space away from everyday viewing.

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

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