House Updates

It has been awhile since I have given a house update, but it has been a long drawn out process involving difficult banks and a lot of ground work (ie: paperwork) We have finally settled on a great bank and have a contract on a 2 acre piece of property. The land is absolutely perfect! The yard is nice and flat with a little old barn and two big oak trees, just waiting for little boys to swing from. There is a park across the street and in the evening you can hear the cheering of little league baseball games. It is everything I ever dreamed of! We are truly blessed and I pray this continues to work out!

There were so many times in this process, where we hit dead ends. Banks are now very particular about construction loans, as you can imagine! If you aren't building in an established neighborhood, or on land that you already own, you can pretty much forget about it. Thankfully we found a bank that was willing to work with us on building our dream house!

We are in the end stretch of the loan process and waiting on a few more things before we can close. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and we can begin building within the next month or so!

We have chosen this cute little cottage plan but plan to make a few cosmetic changes to it such as swapping out that top window for a different shape. 
I look forward to giving house updates on the blog, but you can also follow on instagram as I have been a very lazy blogger lately.


  1. I think this may be the first time that I have commented. But...This is the same house as my parents! For real. If you would ever like to see a real picture (like the one above), feel free to email me.

  2. the land is precious!! We are building {as soon as our house sells} on land that we already own. I hope we don't have a difficult time, I haven't thought of that yet! :/ I love the house y'all chose, where did you find it? I'm having the hardest time finding floorplans I like and I've looked at about 2 million it seems!

    1. Andrea I believe they came from houseplans.com we looked at so many too, it's very overwhelming!

  3. I love this house, and the property you are purchasing looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This has southern written all over it and I love it! So perfect for your boys and I know y'all will be making loads of memories here for years to come

  5. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the progress reports! Beautiful house!



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