Catching up

 I have been neglecting the blog lately because life has been so busy. In the midst of packing up the house, we had a 3 year old birthday to celebrate. We were hoping for good weather since the previous day it was in the 70's and beautiful, but naturally when the day of Keating's party came, it was cold and rainy. We had about 50 people crammed into my parents house, instead of outside riding on the train. Next year he will have an indoor party somewhere. Poor kid with his February birthday! He did have a great time playing with all of his friends! To those that came, I am sorry you have not gotten your thank you notes yet! They will be coming!
I got lazy this year since all of my baking good were already packed up, and ordered a plain Costco cake. It was a hit. We dressed it up with a train track and a Thomas toy. 
The next day we came down with ear infections at our house. Keating kicked his pretty quickly but Archer went back again this week because his has not cleared out. 
We have spent a lot of time in the car buggy at publix waiting on prescriptions to be ready!

 While packing up our house I realized that I have never even used my beautiful china. I decided that I would have my morning coffee in my tea cups. I felt like Victoria Grayson. I may have to make this a new Saturday morning ritual. It just makes being in my pj's drinking coffee so much more glamorous!
 We have been cleaning out the pantry so that we don't have to move any food to my parent's house. We have had a lot of junk/ thrown together meals lately. Lucky Charms are always welcomed in our house.

 All of the stores are putting out their new merchandise for spring and I can't help but to get excited for warm sunny days instead of the cold rainy ones we have been having. I purchased these as a replacement for the one's that Ike ate around Christmas.

 Speaking of Ike, this weekend Ike is heading off to an extended training camp. Ike can't come with us to my parents house because both he and their dog are very dominant males. That would also put us at 5 dogs in their house which is pure insanity. We found a retired k9 handler to keep and train Ike while we are building our house. Hopefully he will come back a fully trained dog! I know I complain about this fur ball most of the time, but he really is a good dog and an important member of our family. He has grown VERY protective over us, and actually earned his keep the other day. I will get into that more later.
 Lola on the other hand does a lot of this. 
I will return after the move! Wish us luck since it is supposed to be pouring all weekend long.

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