Our Christmas Home Decor

Merry Christmas! Come on in and watch your step over all of the electrical cords, we could very well be the Griswolds!
 I have finally gotten around to getting our house clean enough to take photos of our decorations. I must confess, that the house wasn't really this clean. I moved a lot of junk out of the way! That's life with kids right!? As you scroll through, I am sure you will realize that I stole a lot of ideas from Pinterest... but that is what it's there for right!?

 Because its totally fashionable to have a hot cocoa bar in your house! Ours is filled with Ovaltine! "Be sure to drink your....ovaltine???" - Ralphie from The Christmas Story

 Please ignore the dust, the top shelf doesn't get touched very often!
 Goodwill card holder

After many nights knitting and giving myself arthritis, my stockings are finally done! I could not be more pleased with how they turned out! If anyone is a knitter and would like my pattern I would be happy to share it. Stocking patterns are hard to come by. Our fireplace has seen a little trim makeover since these photos have been taken. I will post an update!

 Our little tree. Next year we are going much bigger with the tree, for now this one was already in a box in the basement.
 DIY Advent calendar inspired by Crate and Barrel. The stockings are empty because if they were filled with goodies I would have a two year old bouncing off of the walls! Maybe next year!

 Excuse the lawn mower, Keating was doing a little yard work.

Well, that is pretty much it. I love our decorations this year and I am really happy with how everything turned out.


  1. Love the outdoor white lights. Those are my favorite. Where did you get the mini trees for your table centerpiece. I LOOOVE them!

  2. So pretty! I like your little festive touches sprinkled throughout your beautiful home - happy holidays!

  3. Very pretty and very festive! You did a great job!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm in love with your mantel. Where did you get that print above it?

  5. WOW! this is my first time here and your home is just gorgeous! love the mantle, love those square glasses with the trees... the kitchen is gorgeous! love so much! :)

  6. Everything looks beautiful! I do wish I had your talent for crafting!!!

  7. Very pretty! I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas :)

  8. Love all the signage!

    Maybe next year your home should be the "Southern Living Idea House." Don't count yourself out, everything is beautiful:)

  9. Your house is beautiful. I love your holiday decorations. I especially love your homemad stockings. Is it possible to get your pattern? I'm learning how to knit and I'm hoping to knit our family stockings for next year. My email is christelnkeone@gmail.com. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  10. Very pretty! Love your kitchen and the knit stockings on the mantel are adorable. I'm stopping by from the Nester's Home Tour. Merry Christmas!

  11. love it all!! love your front door!! your mantle is gorgeous!! and you made the stockings? so very impressive!!


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