Christmas Crafting Weekend

Do you ever have times when you have so many projects on your mind, that they are all swimming around your head? I have been that way lately, I blame Pinterest! This weekend Brad was working so it gave me the perfect time to get some things accomplished.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a preserved boxwood wreath, but they are quite pricey. I have researched how to preserve them, and it seemed like too much trouble. So after seeing a few gorgeous fresh ones on our Tour of Homes last weekend, I decided to try making my own. It was much easier than I thought that it would be, and for a first try... I don't think it is half bad! It does need to be filled in a bit, but not too shabby in my opinion! (excuse my dusty china cabinet)
Next on the list was repainting an old table. Our grandfather clock used to reside in this spot on the wall, but it was blocking too much air flow from our vents. Our quick solution was to bring this old table up from the basement until we found something else. It happened to fit perfectly in the spot, and I liked how its nice shape stood out against a lot of the hard lines in our house. If you have seen our house, you can quickly see that we have a lot of black and grey furniture (see china cabinet above), so I wanted something that would stand out.

 I decided to use a chalk paint recipe that I found on pinterest and it worked amazingly well. I sanded off a few areas and then topped it with a tinted furniture wax. I LOVE IT! Brad is not so sure about a green table, hence why I painted it while he was working, but I know he will grow to love it! ;) He has no idea that I plan to use the left over green paint on another table in the future! SHHH!

 I was a little unsure to try these pinterest glitter ornaments since a lot of my pinterest projects have been big fat fails. They were so easy to make that I let Keating help me. Surprisingly they turned out amazing and the glitter is much more vibrant than buying glitter ornaments premade. Sorry for the blurry pic, they're so shiny my phone wouldn't focus!
 Last item on the list was to make a few of the forrest containers that I have seen floating around. We had a bag of bottle brush trees from Brad's Christmas village that weren't being used. They look so cute in the glass containers with epsom salt snow.
I am pretty sure that every space in our home that could be decorated for Christmas is pretty much covered. That means that I can share photos of everything soon! It also means that I can stop working on projects and just enjoy this time with my family. Hallelujah! Has anyone else taken on a ton of projects lately? I feel like this time of year makes you want to do more, more, more! Here's to hoping that I can sit still long enough to relax!


  1. Everything looks great! What tutorial did you use for the wreath?

  2. Love it! You may have inspired me to paint a table. . .maybe. . .
    I want to know about the glitter ornaments, they are on Pinterest?

  3. SO impressed with all of your Christmas crafting!

    I have grand dreams (delusions!?) of painting old furniture bold colours but haven't mustered up the courage yet to do it. You're an inspiration!

    P.S. Has Tonka officially retired to the North Pole this Christmas season?


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