Busy Christmas Filled Weekend

I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas. This time of year is packed full of fun events and I couldn't be more thrilled. This week has been crazy trying to get things done and getting ready for a super busy weekend on tap. Every year my office has an intense door decorating contest for a cash prize. My christmas crafting extravaganza was temporarily put on hold this week to construct my door. Sadly as much work as I put into this furry Grinch, it probably won't win. I am just glad that the making it part is out of the way because it took forever!
Tonight we are going to see "The Sander's Family Christmas" at the Strand. We have seen this play before, but its a great story and highlights the true meaning of Christmas. I also love getting dressed up to go to plays!
Bright and early Saturday morning, we (mom, sister and I) are going to the Marietta Christmas tour of homes. Call me a peeping tom, but I love these old houses and I always try to see in the windows as I am driving by. Anyone else do this?? This is a way for me to see their historic charm without being a creeper, plus there are always great decorating ideas. I dream of living in one of these old houses someday.
Later that evening we will be attending a wedding or really sneaking off to watch the outcome of the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Who plans their wedding during the SEC championship game? I hope Georgia can put up a good fight! GO DAWGS!

 On Sunday, we are headed back out to the theater to see The Nutcracker. I can't wait for all of the festivities of the weekend to start. Does anyone else have a busy weekend planned?
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  1. Don't doubt your dogs, they have a good chance of beating the Tide!


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