Advent, illness, elves and cranberries

Does anyone else's kid get sick EVERY TIME they go to sunday school? My kids are a magnet for catching a cold. Every time they go, they get sick. It takes them two weeks to get over it, I keep them home while they are ill, and as soon as they go back BAM! Another cold. Three of us fell victim this Thanksgiving, I being one of the three.

I nursed myself back to health with pie and a delicious dip that I made from pinterest. It is going to be my go-to dip this season.  
 Our house has been busy with this little elf. Why does he look different than the normal Elf on the Shelf you say? Because I'm cheap and got a $2 elf from Hobby Lobby! He had a long pointy nose when I got him, but thanks to my trusty scissors he received a rhinoplasty and a cute button nose! Keating is not impressed with our elf Tonka.
Tonka (such a boy name to pick) has gone to great lengths to get Keating to like him, and still nothing. Sadly, I am not sure if this tradition will continue at our house next year.
My house is almost completely decorated for Christmas. As soon as I get the Ike hair dust bunnies off of the floor and the clutter cleared away, I will try to take some photos in case anyone cares! I know I like to see other people's homes decorated at Christmas!

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  1. Give Tonka a chance!! Honestly, we started our elf when Camden was 5 and Evan was 2. . .Evan could've cared less. Last year Tiny didn't show up every night, just once or twice a week. It can be as easy or as elaborate as you make it! I did the same thing with a HL elf ornament, Camden has asked a million times why he didn't get a book and I just tell him to ask Tiny ;)! Merry Christmas!


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