Potty Training Boot Camp

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my last post! I am so excited for this change... I just hope it is all its been cracked up to be! Only time will tell I suppose!

This weekend we are starting the famous 3 day potty training "boot camp" as I like to call it. We will be sitting at home all weekend with a kid in real underwear and watching him like a hawk to try and catch accidents. Sounds fun right?? Has anyone else done this successfully?

The cost of two kids in diapers is really starting to add up... and if I'm speaking honestly, I am also tired of changing nasty toddler diapers! Problem is, Keating says things like he "Wants to wear lots of diapers" and doesn't seem at all interested in making the change.

We have talked about how only babies wear diapers and that we should give them all to Archer. I have offered over the top positive praise on the rare chance that he does make it to the bathroom. I have bribed him with everything under the sun and he really doesn't care. This is my last resort and I need it to work! Yes he is only two, and some may say that he is still young and that boys take longer to train. But I have also heard that 22 months is the ideal age to potty train, and unfortunately he is past that. He's right at the age where he is apprensive to change. Swell.

So any tips or pointers that you have are greatly appreciated!


  1. Good luck!! I just did the potty training boot camp earlier this summer- you can read about it here: http://tickledpinkmandy.blogspot.com/2012/05/potty-training-day-1.html.

    I think it really works!! Good luck girl!! :)

  2. My cousin did it successfully with her son. Good luck!!

  3. Candace, I potty trained Flynn right before he turned two, probably 22 months. I would suggest watching his potty "patterns" and going to sit on the potty 30 min after drinking. Also watch for signs of #2. I found that sitting there and reading a book or two was helpful. The most important rule to the boot camp, in my opinion, is stick to your guns...don't give in and go back to the diapers! I will say though, nighttime is sometimes where boys have a hard time. Flynn still wears a pull up. I tried forever to get him to stay dry all night but he isn't there yet (my bros were bed wetters). Make sure it's a pull up and not a diaper to differ from "baby" to big boy! Good luck! It takes a minute but you will be glad when u get there.

  4. Hey Candace! I just started a blog and actually mentioned you today. Anyway, we did the potty train in a day thing and it got us over the hump of sometimes wearing undies. Also, both my kids potty trained shortly after 2 so it's not too early. We let them pick out new undies and stayed at home for the weekend. We made it fun though and made cupcakes for out "potty party". Good luck!

  5. The three day plan worked with my first, but NOT with my second. But my first was just about to turn three when we did it. My second was around two and a half. After four months...she's finally got it! Seriously, like three days ago. Good luck! Hope it works!

  6. When Luke was 3 and Jett was a newborn, we just went cold turkey off the diapers and that was it! He had a few accidents but was more than old enough to know what he was doing. Just stick with it and the reward will be yours :)

  7. Good Luck! My nephew is 3 and is all about it now. He seems to think it is "magic" that he can go to the potty. Try that approach if you have to...magic tricks? I'm not sure...but hey whatever works!


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