Keating's Big Boy Room

When planning everything for our home renovation, Keating's room was the one that I really enjoyed working on. Even though he was still in a crib at the time, I knew that I wanted the room to be able to transition into his toddler years. I wanted it to be bright and colorful and a place that he would want to spend time in. I think I successfully accomplished all of the above and I am happy with the way it turned out. What is even better is that he loves his room. He is always in there playing and he wants everyone who comes over to come play in his room.

His bed is rather large for a toddler, but we already had the queen size bed so we decided to make the most of our resources. The duvet cover was found on clearance at Target as were the sheets. I think I paid maybe $15 for all of it.

The bench at the foot of the bed is an antique school house bench that I bought at the Country Living Fair. I'm still lacking something to go over his bed, just not sure what that will be yet.
I made the pillows with the trucks on them and the "lola" pillow is from CSN stores.

A chalk board wall was a must for his bedroom, I think it is so much fun! As of now, he has to be supervised with the chalk because he likes to use it on other walls too! My dad made the bookshelves for him. The cute little rocking chair was Brad's when he was a lad.

The globe was a great Goodwill find, I nearly jumped for joy when I spotted it on the shelf!

On this wall is a little assortment of artwork and things that were gifts from friends. The toy box was made by our carpenter friend Austin. It really helps control the toy madness.

The picture on the left I made for Keating's old room. The one on the right is a vintage book that I framed. I liked that it was "little boy blue" I may eventually change out the lamp to something a bit more modern, but we hardly use it so it works for now.

Once Archer is old enough, the boys will share a room. I am already planning on bunk beds!


  1. His room looks great! The chalkboard is a fun idea. I bet he loves it!

  2. So nice! I like the chalkboard wall idea too and all the little cowboy touches :)

  3. Looks great! I love this little firetruck pillows you made and the chalkboard wall is a great idea!!!! I've considered painting a chalkboard wall in the girls playroom ( I still need to post pictures of the different rooms that need SOO much help), but I was concerned that it would be too dark. I'm glad to see you made it work :)

  4. His room is so cool!

    U did a great job with it!!


  5. Very cute room and love the firetruck pillows! Trust me when I tell you he WILL grow into that big bed. I feel bad for our five year old in his single bed now. I can hear him rolling into the walls at night. It will soon be passed to little Jett.

  6. We are upgrading to a king and I was wondering if we should give Carter our queen bed when we transition to his big boy room this fall. Now that I see your room, I think it will be perfect! We have a nice wall to push it up against so it wouldn't take up a ton of space.

  7. i STILL wanna steal his curtains.

    i also think it's hilarious your toddler has a bigger bed than i do!

  8. What a gorgeous big boy room!! I especially love the Lola pillow accent. I can appreciate that as I have a little BT myself. I'm also loving the chalkboard wall - how fun!

  9. I love the chalk board wall -- it's such a fun idea!

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  11. I love the chalk wall. How do you do that?


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