Random Photos and Thoughts

1. My master bathroom needs help. Particularly this little corner. Excuse the dark phone photo. We hung the lantern that used to be over our kitchen table over it the other day, and it helped with the bare/ dark look, but it still needs a lot. I am thinking of dressing up the roman shades and maybe adding a cornice board? Thoughts? Other opinions? (just keeping it real with the baby shampoo and unfolded towels)2. This little man will be 2 in less than 3 weeks. My where have the last 2 years gone? I had no idea that having a baby would put so much joy and humor into our lives. He keeps us laughing all the time. The personality and the things that this child says just blow my mind sometimes. Lately he has clung to the words that he shouldn't be repeating. We have had to clean up our act, especially when telling our dog Ike that he is a P.I.T.A (pain in the...) For a toddler that has a problem making "s" sounds... he says "ass" just fine!
He is having a dump truck party, because he is currently obsessed with all things dirt/ tractor/ truck related. He also likes having a beard like his dad.
3. Speaking of the P.I.T.A. Ike, (the dog formerly introduced as "Riggs") is getting huge. We changed his name, Keating couldnt say Riggs and Ike just fit him better. Initially we thought he was a very lethargic puppy, but after being diagnosed with worms, eww, and going through treatment, he has been in rare form. He really leads a rough life as you can tell. He has been very stubborn when it comes to house training, but is getting much better. Having our fence in the back yard has really helped. Lola now likes him about 10% of the time, which is an improvement from despising him. He and Keating love running around the yard together, I know they will be best friends.
4. It became quickly evident that Keating was ready for a big bed after I caught him doing this. He never actually made the jump, but he could have had he not been stopped. He had gotten to the point that he wasn't sleeping great in the crib, and luckily moving him into a big bed solved this problem. I think he just needed more room. What is even better is we kicked Lola out of our room and she now sleeps with him. Its a win win! Keating thinks its great that Lola will sleep on his bed, we think its great that we dont have a snoring Boston Terrier keeping us up all hours of the night.
5. I have three fabrics that I love for Archer's nursery, and sadly they dont all go together like I had hoped. As Tim Gunn would say "Candace, you need to edit." The fabric on the right is going to be for the drapes. I have been eyeing this at my local fabric store for some time, and yesterday I found it for less than $7 a yard. Online it is normally $20! I still adore this Serena and Lily houndstooth print, which isnt as yellow as my iphone/ instagram makes it look. We also don't have orange carpet. The fabric at the bottom is probably one I could do without if needed. I bought it simply for the color combination.
My course of action is to get the drapes made/ hung first, and then slowly add in the other patterns to see how they work together.
Besides being super excited about my weekly dose of vampire love with Vampire Diaries tonight, that is about all I have going on this Thursday. I would love your thoughts on my decorating dilemmas!


  1. I would kill for that tub area! I think if you got a more colorful roman shade or threw in some color around the tub (IE: preserved plants from Restoration Hardware or pillar glass with a bright color candle) it would look great. The tile and wall color allows for anything! Puppy is so presh and I am loving the fabric for Archer.

  2. Could you add ribbon trim on the shade and then I'd do a patterned cornice board. Put some things around the tub. Ferns do excellent in bathrooms!

  3. Not wanting to ruin your Thursday or anything, but I want to warn you there is no VD tonight. It returns Feb. 2nd. You can cry with me.

  4. Your tub is so nice! We have a big corner tub and we put out a basket with rolled-up towels in it and another matching basket filled with bath bombs. It gives it a comfy and ready to use look but keeps everything tidy.

  5. can i come live in that nursery? cuz i LOVE that fabric combo =)

    also, keating and lola together?? my heart melts at the cute.

  6. I actually like the fabrics together but they might be different in real life.
    What is the navy and greenish yellow fabric on the bottom left? I might like to use that for curtains in my living room :)

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  8. Such cute images. Nursery looks great , great style and color scheme is very pretty. From Engagement Rings


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