14 weeks and bribing toddlers

Happy belated Halloween from our house to yours! This post has been compiling since last Saturday. It has just taken me that long to get the photos onto my computer. I was leaving to do an infant photo shoot and this little guy was waiting for me by the door. I don't know what it was about seeing Keating sitting on my old weathered church pew that did it for me. The anxiousness that surrounded getting into the house and finishing it all subsided. We were finally home. Whether or not our house is "complete" does not matter, it is the people and the memories that fill the house. So glad I had my camera handy to capture this, because it just warms my heart to look at it... even if it is a bit blurry.
Keating was a puppy for Halloween. I mentioned getting crafty and making a costume for him and Lola, but there simply weren't enough hours in the week. Maybe next year... The costume was a hand me down from my niece (Gotta love hand me downs). Originally he wouldn't wear the ears, but with enough distraction we got a few photos.
Tickling also helps... =)
As does bribery. This was especially useful for our family photo shoot on Tuesday!
Keating really enjoyed trick or treating this year. He especially liked the houses where they let him pick his own candy from the bowl. Never failed, when given the choice, he always chose KitKat. Not sure why, considering he has never had one! Must have been the wrapper!
Looking a little scary in this pic, but here is a 14 week photo of the bump last week. Really nothing to see as of yet, which is frustrating because I am in between clothes. My regular pants still fit with the help of a hair tie, but they tend to fall down. Maternity pants fall down because there is no belly to hold them up. Add to that, the up and down fall temperatures we have been having and I have about 3 outfits that currently work. The joys of pregnancy!
I dont have the little weekly survey handy, so I will just give some details.
Total weight gain: no idea, I don't own a scale.
Maternity clothes: some, mostly just for work pants, since dress pants no longer fit. Leggings are also my friend
Gender: We will find out later this month. CANT WAIT! I should do a poll!
Cravings: I have been loving salt and vinegar chips, rainbow sherbert, and starchy things such as potatoes and grits.
Stretch marks: None yet, been lubing up with the Mama Mio again!
Sleep: It was just fine until Keating got sick this week... still the lack of sleep has to do with baby #1 not baby #2!
Movement: Yes! I have been feeling consistent little nudges since about 12 weeks. I was unsure since it seemed so much earlier than last time. I know now that they most definitely were since the spot has stayed the same.
What I miss: I'm going to sound like a huge alkie for saying this, but I really miss red wine, also I would kill for a Sam Adams Octoberfest these days! I just smell other people's drinks and live vicariously through them. Weird?


  1. I love your green sweater in the picture with Keating. It's so cute!

    And kitkat's are my favorite too!

    Hope you have a great day!



  2. Grayson always chose the kitkats too!

    Hope all is well. You look great!

  3. Aw, you look so cute! I love the Halloween pictures!!

  4. You are look stunning and Keating is a doll. I am all for the bribing when it comes to getting good photos of the little ones.

    Being pregnant is not easy but I always loved the little movements of the baby :) For me, it was the best part.

    Glad you're feeling great!


  5. Is it possible to get toddler pictures without bribery? I'm not sure it is :-) you look great - and I LOVE that pew!!

  6. This pregnancy is killing me (nearing 17 weeks) with craving red wine and beer. O'Douls non-alc beer is tolerable when I MUST have something, but I told Hubby to have our kitchen stocked with real stuff the day I get home from the hospital! It will be a long 5 1/2 more months!

  7. I've been lurking for a while, but had to ask.. Have you heard of FRE (http://www.frewines.com/)?? When I was pregnant with my first one, someone told me about the brand.. Its Alcohol Free Wines and Champagne.. They are actually pretty tolerable!! Just thought I would mention them, in case you wanted to try them.. Congratulations on number 2! :)

  8. He keeps getting cuter & cuter. Gianna is a lucky girl haha! We'll be back for Christmas so I can't wait to hang out with another pregnant chick :)

  9. Love these pictures! Keaton is adorable as a puppy dog!

  10. i have totally already warned nate when we decide to have one, i may or may not have to sniff the bottle of jim beam occasionally just to make myself feel better =)

  11. Ha! I think girl too ! When i was pregnant with my first (a girl) I craved beer like no tommorrow !!!!!!!!!


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