Prayers for Caden

If you have ever taken a gander over at my favorite blogs sidebar, you will have seen The Stanley Clan. I have known both Becca and Adam since high school and I love keeping up with their family and amazing ministry. They have moved their family to live among those they minister and mentor in inner city Atlanta. This family is a beacon of light in a dark place, where the children don't have Godly influence in their lives. Becca has an honest way of writing that describes their life and all of their experiences "in the hood" as she lovingly refers to it. Becca and Adam are truly two people, that when God says "Jump!" they say "HOW HIGH!?" They truly walk by faith and encourage everyone around them.
Their family is currently needing your prayers. Last week their newborn son Caden came into the world with a severe heart defect. I wont even attempt to explain it, because it is way past my realm of understanding. Caden came out of open heart surgery yesterday afternoon and the next few days are critical in his healing process. I urge you to pay their blog a visit. Read their story, and most importantly say a prayer for baby Caden.



  1. I am heading over there way. I will be praying.

  2. Praying for this little miracle and their entire family!

  3. Thoughts and prayers are with this amazing family.


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