Beating the Heat

We have had a scorching summer. Every year I am surprised at how hot it is... it's like you forget over the course of a really cold winter what summers in the South are like. When I step outside into the thick humid air, I think "I don't remember it being this hot last year!" Well friends, this winter when I am freezing my tail off and I start complaining, please remind me to be thankful!

Having a child that LOVES being outside, makes these hot months difficult. I have had to find ways to let Keating have his fun, without roasting. His new favorite activity is playing in this old wash tub. He has a kiddie pool, but that isn't as fun to him as an old bucket. Its always the unconventional "toys" he likes... Not the ones that we actually pay money for. Lola is a fan too.

I think we may skip on the Christmas presents this year and just give him a bunch of old junk from the garage since he seems to enjoy it more! =)

This summer Blue has also enjoyed his first ice cream cone. He was pretty impressed, although he tried eating it from the wrong end. That was messy, but he didn't seem to mind.
Every day when I come home from work, his first words to me are "golf cot." No big hug, a kiss, or even "Mama" just "Golf Cot". I see where his priorities lie. We drive the golf cot to the back of the neighborhood where it borders a horse farm.

I really have to watch him because he is not afraid of the horses one bit. Their size doesn't intimate him at all. He is a little confused between a horse and a cow. When seeing a horse he says "moo." I suppose we will have to work on that. And no, he isn't wearing pants. It has been so hot that my mom will let him play with just a shirt on. When I come home to my little redneck baby, and he has the urge to hop on the "golf cot" there is no time to grab pants.
We have also been enjoying the fruits of Shonnie and Gpaw's garden. Last week I decided to make pesto, and let Keating help me pick the basil. He now thinks that he can help out all the time by yanking basil leaves, fruits and veggies straight off of the bush. Here he is looking angelic after being busted for snatching the basil.

And picking the "balls" {grapes} off of Gpaws grape vines. This may be teaching him a bad habit... that you can just pick things and eat them whenever you want. It is probably why he felt it was okay when my mom turned her back, and he drank from the fish pond. Seriously. Why? Is this just a boy thing? At least he can laugh at himself and take enjoyment out of the small things. This kid keeps us laughing all the time. He is the light of my life.

I am ready for Fall, can I get an amen!?


  1. Haha...aww! He looks so happy!!
    I am NOT ready for fall... I am a little upset you mentioned it, frankly.
    I live in the north, and April Showers just ended last month... *sigh*

  2. He looks so cute, and your photography skills are awesome!

  3. SO ready for boot weather!! and that boy of yours is too precious!

  4. He is just precious! I love the pics. It is so funny how they can find amazement out of things. I think I want to get a washtub my self to jump into this heat is killing me. Have a great week!

  5. Oh my gosh I had to laugh about the drinking pond water remark. My son is the same! It must be a boy thing... Fall will be here before you know it! Stay cool :-)


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