A sweet valentine

The sweetest Valentine I think I have ever seen!

Keating and I made this card the other day for Brad, and then up until last night I completely forgot that today was the sacred day of love. Last year I was in the hospital on Valentine's day, and this year, we were so busy getting ready for Keating's big day, that we forgot all about it.
Valentines day has not really ever been a big day for us. I love all things "Valentine" {red, pink, sweet kids valentine cards & conversation hearts} but I am not crazy about the pressure put on the 14th. I believe you should show someone they are special to you every day, not just one specific day of the year when restaurants jack up their menu prices and florists charge un-godly amounts for a red rose {I'd prefer pink anyways}.

Brad, will get his card from us today, but we really wont be celebrating or romancing... the most romance we may see is The Bachelor tonight... haha! Only kidding Brad. Tomorrow we are going out for a nice dinner because God willing, we will FINALLY close on our home refinance!!! It only took about 8 months. If you think about it, cross your fingers, toes, or say a little prayer that everything works out. Then I will be bombarding you all soon with renovation pictures of our new/old house.

Happy Day of Love Y'all!


  1. Happy V Day! I will be hoping your refi goes smoothly! We're just doing cards, too, it's hard to justify spending money on flowers and expensive dinners, nowadays!

  2. We can't wait to see pics .... good luck with everything! Happy Valentines Day!

  3. you know i've got my fingers and toes and legs and everything crossed for you =)


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